Judge Andrew Napolitano REACTS to Trump, Crenshaw and Dems: Gun confiscation ‘red flag’ laws is unconstitutional

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Confused about “red flag” laws and how they are being sold to the American public? Wonder no more – here’s a video that should spring you into action. It’s evil, unConstitutional and you should be worried. Judge Napolitano sorts it all out for you and me.

The Judge rightly points out that both Democrats and Republicans seem intent upon stripping you of the rights recognized and protected by the 2nd Amendment; the former doing so overtly and the latter being more ‘subtle’ about it.

What confiscating guns or Red Flag laws will mean for your Constitutional rights:

When tragedy strikes, as it did in two mass killings this month, there is always the urge to pressure the government do something.

Governments are animated by the belief that doing something — any demonstrable overt behavior — will show that they are in control. I understand the natural fears that good folks have that an El Paso or a Dayton episode might happen again, but doing something for the sake of appearance can be dangerous to personal liberty.

When the Constitution was written, the idea of owning arms and keeping them in the home was widespread. The colonists had just defeated the armies of King George III. The colonial weapon of choice was the Kentucky long rifle, while British soldiers used their army-issued version of Brown Bessies.

Each rifle had its advantages, but the Kentucky (it was actually a German design, perfected and manufactured in Pennsylvania) was able to strike a British soldier at 200 yards, a startlingly long distance at the time. The Bessies were good for only about 80 yards.

Put aside the advantages we had of the passionate defense of freedom and homeland, to say nothing of superior leadership. It doesn’t take any advanced understanding of mathematics or ballistics to appreciate why we won the Revolution.

It is a matter of historical fact that the colonists won the war largely by superior firepower.

Six years after the war was over, delegates met in Philadelphia in secret and drafted what was to become the Constitution. The document, largely written in James Madison’s hand, was then submitted to Congress and to the states, which began the process of ratification.

Vandals Desecrate US Flag at Utah High School


Fox News Boycott WINS! Judge Jeanine Pirro Returns to Fox News on Saturday!

Fox News Boycott WINS! Judge Jeanine Pirro Returns to Fox News on Saturday!



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