Andrea Tantaros in a Bikini

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I don’t know about you, but I’m really upset at a certain personality on Fox News. She’s running around in a skimpy bikini – yet calling herself a “conservative”?

The nerve! I’m not going to say her name, but her initials are Andrea Tantaros – and she’s galavanting around in the sand wearing next to nothing and I’m telling you right now her bosoms are anything but conservative.

In fact, they’re hanging out very liberally in this shot of her making sand castles – SHE UPLOADED IT TO INSTAGRAM? Whaaaaaat?

Looking like that while also having to be a host on the biggest news channel in the country obviously takes a lot of self-discipline, hard work, motivation, and intelligence. No wonder Andrea is a conservative.

Who does she think she it, Kim Kardashian or something?andrea instagram

Well I got news for Ms. Tantaros:

She’s WAAAAAAAAAY hotter than Kim… Yeah baby!

In case you missed the pic above, here is is – posted at Twitchy: (BELOW)

andrea tantaros

It ain’t fair to the average red-blooded American to have to endure this kind of public display.

Can you believe this? How can you take her seriously after staring at these photos for several hours?

These smoking HOT beach photos have conservatives from all over the country blowing a gasket.

andrea legs

And legs that reach all the way to the ground?


… um, no comment.


… cover it all up – you’re still hotter than hot

Hope she wears the bikini on “The Five” tomorrow!

This was satire? You Baaaaaastard!!!

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