Anderson Cooper Gets Spanked Silly: By a Woman [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump wasn’t my first pick, or my second. He was pretty far down in the pack when the primaries started, but one thing I really liked about him – and his staff – was that they didn’t pander to the media. The understood, and understand, that the media is a collection of Democratic operatives with bylines and they are not and will never be their friends.

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, is no exception, and she may be the toughest one of the bunch. She certainly didn’t back down from Anderson Cooper last week, and I’m surprised that Cooper didn’t need some time off to recover.

The left is set up to have a fit about everything that Trump and his team do, you can expect this to continue for at least the next four years. If you’ll recall, about one week into the transition Democrats were calling for investigations of the transition because, according to them, it was a complete mess. Three weeks later, the Trump transition is recognized as the best ever.

Last week, grasping for straws, they went after the President-elect over a phone call with the democratically elected President of Taiwan. China, it seems, was offended. So Democrats were offended.

Anderson Cooper dusted off his DNC talking points and went after Kellyanne Conway.

Cooper did an excellent job of defending China and accusing the Trump team – in the words of a flack Democratic Senator – of trying to start a war. With a phone call.

It sounds like Senator Murphy’s tweet is pretty incendiary and does not signal much of a shift from what seems to be the doctrinaire response to the election results. I mean, ‘this is how wars are starting and it’s a major policy shift’ because he had a phone call? That’s pretty negative and pretty presumptuous.”

If you edit out Cooper looking for some kind of response, this becomes about a one minute video.

Cooper grilling Conway on whether Trump uses State Department briefings before he talks to world leaders was a howler. I would hope that the President-elect uses briefings from the Hillary Clinton/John Kerry/Barack Obama State Department to find out what NOT to say. The three of them have made a complete mess of the Middle East and our foreign affairs are a joke.

Conway did an excellent job of restraining herself by not noting that the buffoon President-elect Trump is replacing could never find time to attend his National Security Briefings and Anderson didn’t seem to have a problem with that. Perhaps now that President Obama has admitted that the rise of ISIS caught him flat-footed the geniuses at CNN, etal will look into why Obama preferred golf to NatSec Briefings. Or not.

Cooper was caught flat-footed when Conway reminded him that Trump and Pence went to Indianapolis and met with Carrier – something President Obama couldn’t find the time for even a phone call – and saved a thousand jobs from going to Mexico.

The press corpse – that was intentional – is going to have an interesting time over the next four to eight years, trying to deal with a team that understands they don’t care about the truth and don’t have the best interests of America at heart.

Pass the popcorn.

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