Anarchy And Chaos In Portland: Antifa Violently Attacks Journalists With Hammers – Calls On Police To Commit Suicide

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The Proud Boys took to the streets of Portland again yesterday and Antifa was waiting for them… ready to get their violence on. In the end, it was bloody, violent anarchy and chaos that ruled the day. Communist Antifa even took hammers to journalists, called on the more than 1,000 police officers in attendance to commit suicide and hurled racial slurs at officers of color. The National Guard was there as well to counter the violent encounters that followed.

“Last year, more cops died in the line of duty. It’s because you all know you’re a parasite,” a man is heard yelling in the background before coming into view. “Your job is morally and ethically bankrupt. You know you’re a parasite so shoot yourselves. Shoot yourselves! Suicide is the only way out!”

There were other extremist groups in the mix but the Proud Boys were there to specifically protest Antifa and Portland’s failure to contain what President Trump increasingly wants to label as a domestic terrorist group. Which they are. There was a ton of video and pics taken and it did not do any favors for the police or the city of Portland. It did, however, show just how vicious Antifa is.

One journalist, Julio Rosas of the Washington Examiner and formerly of Mediaite, was there with a camera and an American flag on his shirt. That’s all it took to provoke angry threats and even being surrounding menacingly by members of Antifa. That didn’t just happen once to Rosas, it happened several times and he was in real danger. Anyone or anything with an American flag on it was a target for Antifa’s hate.

At one point during the confrontation, an Antifa guy threw a hammer through the doors of a bus with journalists and Proud Boys on board. Antifa then tried to blame the hammer on those they attacked. It’s the leftist thing to do.

One of the guys leading the way in various incidents throughout the day was this shirtless man who was obviously looking for a fight. You can hear him aggressively inciting violence. Rosas reported that the man was eventually arrested. This is the same guy that at an Antifa rally last year said, “Death is coming.”

Some of the videos are shockingly violent and the language is detestable. Antifa made a point of insulting Glenn Beck and attacking his religion. Just disgraceful. Then there’s the gal who called a black police officer a c**n while twerking in the street. Classy.

The protest was labeled the “End of Domestic Terrorism” event. Journalist and editor of Quillette, Andy Ngo, was right there in the thick of things again… fearless as always. One of Ngo’s videos shows protesters attacking a bus, appearing to attempt to pull people out of the vehicle. Another video shows a man who was allegedly maced and beaten by Antifa assailants. “He was knocked unconscious to the ground. His partner or spouse was trying to protect him as mob still surrounded them. No police,” Ngo stated.

At least 13 people were arrested and I’m betting you they were mostly Antifa foot soldiers. Way more should have been taken away over this and if the police were allowed to do their jobs, they would have been. Instead, at times, the police were ordered to stand down and retreat. They even blamed journalists for the violence for simply being there. Police seized weapons including bear spray, shields and metal and wooden poles.

Antifa members dressed in black and masking their faces hurled mayonnaise and smashed windows of at least one shuttle bus carrying Proud Boy protesters. Police, at one point, declared a civil disturbance. The media is painting the Proud Boys once again as violent racists, which they are not. They aren’t reporting on Antifa’s violent escapades much at all even though hundreds of them descended with weapons on the Proud Boys.

President Trump did notice what was going on and tweeted on it. “Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an ‘ORGANIZATION OF TERROR,’” the president tweeted. “Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully, the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!”

In a Twitter message Saturday, U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw declared Saturday’s protests in Portland, OR, “a sad showing,” and said the city’s Antifa activists paled in comparison to the demonstrators fighting for democracy in Hong Kong. “In Hong Kong,” the Republican congressman from Texas wrote, “antifascists wave American flags, demand freedom and actually fight fascists. In Portland,” he continued, “ ‘antifascists’ burn American flags, demand violence in the name of socialism.”

The mayor declared this event ‘largely peaceful’. Is that what you call it when Antifa uses hammers and poles to attack people? Leaving a man bloodied on the ground and a little girl attacked and traumatized? They used milkshakes and other weapons as well. I would not call that largely peaceful. They actually beat and kicked people. But the injuries were reported as minor and the leftists and media continue to cover for the communists. Figures.

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