‘An Evening With The Clintons’ Tour Ends as California Ticket Prices Plunge to $2.00

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As the tour by Bill and Hillary, ‘An Evening With The Clintons’, began, they were commanding ticket prices in the thousands. But the prices have quickly faded, with $15 tickets in Vegas and even $2 tickest in California! I would call that a catastrophe to the Clinton Legacy,

The final date of An Evening With The Clintons’ was Sunday night in Las Vegas.  It is no more!

Ticket sales have been slow and had to be discounted from the early days of the tour. They often hovered between $45 and to $250, but there were not very many sellouts, and discounted tickets continued to plague the tour.

The Seattle Times reported tickets on the secondary market were being sold for just $20 for an appearance at Seattle’s WaMu Theater.

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Anyone who has attended any star-studded event as such, knows that that is pretty low to start with, and they often sell out.

Karen Townsend gives details at Hot Air:

The tour dates were scheduled in Clinton-friendly cities yet the struggle to put warm bodies in seats was real. Still, audience reaction has been mixed. Just last month in New York City, a tour stop brought Haitian protesters and a man in a front-row seat yelling out, “Bill, this is boring!” Ouch! That night at the Beacon Theatre, the moderator was Clinton loyalist and political consultant Paul Begala.

Friday night’s date at Seattle’s WaMu Theater brought out the true blue Clinton supporters. The stop in Seattle, a liberal haven in the great Northwest, included actor Bradley Whitford as the moderator. Does that name sound familiar? Whitford played the role of White House Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman in The West Wing. Whitford plays the role of a political activist in real life. This week he will co-host a fundraiser in Los Angeles for Mayor Pete’s presidential campaign. Ticket prices in Seattle were deeply discounted.

Hillary Clinton used a popular phrase with the left – we are in a constitutional crisis.

“I really believe that we are in a crisis, a constitutional crisis,” Hillary Clinton said. “We are in a crisis of confidence and a crisis over the rule of law and the institutions that have weathered a lot of problems over so many years. And it is something that, regardless of where you stand in the political spectrum, should give real heartburn to everybody. Because this is a test for our country.”

So, basically, we could have watched CNN, MSNBC, or even just a Hillary Speech on YouTube and gotten more, for less!

Well, the law of supply and demand agreed:

The Clinton’s show moved to California Saturday night and tickets went for as little as $2.00. Wow. Imagine that.

The Daily Mail reports:

The event billed as ‘An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’ continued at the LA Forum in Inglewood, California Saturday night and tickets were listed for as little as $2.

Seats in the Lower Bowl 131 section were available on Vivid Seats while the same website was offering admission for the best section – center in front of the stage – for $92.

So sad.

Remember, the Clintons are all about legacy. Hillary demolished that by losing two presidential elections. The upcoming discoveries of the Clinton Foundation, I am sure will do even more damage.

But we are already seeing the results.

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