Amy Schumer is Sorry for Being White and Rich

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As it stands, the actress is not required to apologize for being pretty, thin, smart or talented.

In an interview with the hags on The View, potato-faced comedienne Amy Schumer said that she would’ve loved if the character she plays in her new film had been played by a non-white actress who’s “had it way harder than me.”

It Came From The View

Like all insulting junk on the television, the interview was played on Friday’s episode of The View. While addressing criticism of her new film out this weekend, Schumer said that she had received “the nicest backlash” when she was criticized for — no joke — being too attractive for the role.

Scroll down for really embarrassing video:

Basically Marilyn Monroe.

But, she said, it’s not about being a “blonde of healthy weight who is attractive” it’s “about a girl who really struggles with self-esteem.”

“Also, I think it is fair to say that it’s a lot harder for other people… and I recognize that I am a Caucasian, like — I would love if this movie were starring a woman of color who’s had it way harder than me, and I think, I hope we get there. This is hopefully just a step in the right direction.”

New Movie, Bad Reviews

This weekend Schumer opened a new movie entitled I Feel Pretty about a woman who isn’t pretty (as she is played by Amy Schumer) who has an accident that alters her perception, and then begins to view herself as beautiful.

The thrust of the movie — being beautiful isn’t the same as being a good, smart, lovable person — is a good lesson, but it’s shallow to fix a preoccupation with personal appearances with a different kind of preoccupation with personal appearances. If she stops showering, does she still think she’s beautiful? I’ll never know, because I’ll never watch this thing.

In the last few days, the reviews haven’t been what they should be for a film.

The Hollywood Reporter said that the film isn’t “as gusty as it wants to be,” and the Chicago Tribune calls it “depressing.” Rolling Stone agree with the Tribune’s take that it is a “two-faced sort of empowerment movie” and stated that it’s hypocritical film.

Schumer On CBS, Upset About Reviews

During promotion for her movie this week, Schumer appear with Gayle King on CBS and took offense at the poor reviews. You know who doesn’t have to defend bad films? Good actors who take good scripts.

Talking specifically with King about the critics who say that it’s in poor taste to show that someone who looks like Amy Schumer needs to suffer a brain injury in order to believe that she’s model-tier:

“You know what, that’s a huge exaggeration and a metaphor. Basically we all struggle with self-esteem, and when they see the movie I know they’ll understand.”

Speak for yourself. Lots of us are just fine on the self-esteem front because we look to our families and communities and friends and religion for guidance in how to view our self-worth.

It wasn’t long til she turned her anger over the bad reviews into a claim that it’s just sexism.

“Being a woman who uses her voice and expresses views that people disagree with, immediately they go to your appearance. I think a lot of women, they don’t use their full potential, their full voices, because they’re afraid of being insulted.”

I’ll let the great Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher snap back at that:

Face it Amy, some women are stronger than you. Partly because they go to the gym. You might want to try that some time.

Lowlights from Amy Schumer’s Past

In the last few weeks, Amy Schumer has been over the media in support of the gun control walkouts, and earlier today we announced that she is part of a celebrity-endorsed anti-NRA campaign.

In 2016, Schumer was roasted for a “racist” parody music video.

Don’t worry though, she’ll leave sooner or later. After all, she was one of the many celebrities who promised to move to Canada if Trump was elected. She probably realized that the country has strict immigration procedures and really, really high taxes and decided it was easier to stick with the Krispy Kremes instead of Tim Hortons.

So here’s Amy Schumer on the View talking about gun control and being too much of a beautiful blonde to play an unattractive woman.

Sources: Hollywood Reporter, Rolling Stone, Chicago Tribune

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