Amy Poehler Has Trump Meltdown: ‘Hard Not To Have A Full-On Panic Attack Every Day’

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Actress and former standout SNL cast member Amy Poehler is now claiming that it’s difficult avoiding a “full-on panic attack every day” when Donald Trump is the president. “It’s really hard to not have a full-on panic attack every day. It’s why people are self-medicating,” Poehler told The Hollywood Reporter. When it comes to self-medicating, any excuse will evidently do.

Poehler truly believes that the Trump presidency is particularly hard on women, though she didn’t specify why, and revealed that she has to avoid watching President Trump speak. She can’t stand to watch him or listen to Trump speak. How is his presidency hard on women? He has hired tons of women and given them executive power. Women are far better treated under Trump than other presidents. Poehler needs to be more specific otherwise it looks like pontification and lying for drama’s sake.

“Women have been rightly and righteously furious about this administration and have been working together and bonding together just in an attempt to make sense of all of it,” said Poehler. “Every woman I know has a text chain, every morning we just say, ‘Can you believe this? Can we break this down together so I don’t lose my mind? Anybody out there?’ Because it’s really crazy-making.” She evidently doesn’t know most women.

“I can’t watch him speak. It’s so upsetting,” Poehler added. Again, why? Because Trump become president and Hillary Clinton didn’t? Get over it already. Lady bits do not entitle someone to be president.

From The Daily Wire:

“According The Washington Examiner, Poehler said Trump’s 2016 win motivated her two sons, Archie, 10, and Abel, 8, to donate “their birthday money to causes related to immigration and climate change.”

“They have to understand their privilege in the world,” said Poehler. “They cannot just live in a bubble because truly the world depends on it. We are handing them a world that’s on fire — the oceans are rising, the animals are dying — and saying, ‘Good luck, kid!’”

“In 2016, the comedian was an avid supporter of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and even assisted in a fundraising event for the Democrat aptly dubbed “Laugh Your Pantsuit Off: Women Standup for Hillary.”

“Poehler is not the only female comedian to be troubled by President Trump. Chelsea Handler recently revealed that she has had to see a psychiatrist to cope with the 2016 election.

“Handler appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” in April and compared the destabilization she felt from Donald Trump’s election win to that of losing her brother when she was just nine years old, The Daily Wire previously reported.

“I had a mid-life identity crisis once Trump won the election because I had never had my world feel so unhinged, I think,” Handler confessed to Maher. “I had to pay a psychiatrist to listen to me b**** about Donald Trump for about the first three weeks.”

“And then once we got past that, and we got to the real stuff, I realized the parallel there was my world becoming unhinged when I was a little girl; my brother died when I was nine years old,” the comedian said.

“I had never related the two, but, for me, as I can imagine it must have been for so many people, it was a huge emotional trigger of everything being destabilized,” she continued.

“I realized just how spoiled and privileged I had been all my life to realize to be this upset and this on-a-ten every day and the outrage and the anger, I just wanted to f***ing fight people, you know? And I was like, ‘I have to go see a psychiatrist,'” said Handler.”

Sounds like many of the women in Hollywood need to get off the casting couch and lay down on a therapist’s couch if you ask me. She considers Clinton not being elected to be a huge loss while most of America feels they dodged a bullet by Hillary going off into the woods. Just another meltdown by a Hollywood comedian who has seen better days.

Sources: The Daily Wire, Breitbart, The Washington Times, Hollywood Reporter, The Hill

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