Ammunition Review: Liberty’s Civil Defense

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Three years ago I wrote about what I consider to be the best caliber for CCW/home defense.  My opinion then, and now, is that the 9mm is the best all around defense round.  Plus, with modern metallurgy, the use of a lead-core bullet wrapped in a copper jacket has become ancient technology.  Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense rounds use a deep hollow point copper core wrapped in a nickle jacket.  It penetrates soft tissue about an inch and then explodes into hundreds of tiny pieces.  A great demonstration of this can be seen in the video below:

The basic rule of thumb for a defense round is to make it as light as possible and get it moving as fast as possible.  The lighter and faster the bullet is moving, the more devastating the wound cavity.  Liberty’s 9mm bullet weighs in at 50 grains and moves at 2,000fps vs the 1,000-1,300fps of a standard 115 grain 9mm bullet.  This bullet really does live up to its motto, “one and done.”  However, if you absolutely hate 9mm (and the metric system as a whole), Liberty’s Civil Defense rounds are available in all the popular handgun calibers (and 223).

In addition to the Civil Defense line, during Shot Shot I spoke with Liberty’s management and they showed me their 300 Blackout, 308, and 300 Win Mag that they will be releasing in 2016.  Not only will these prove to be superior hunting rounds, the 300 Blackout and 223 will double as an extremely devastating home defense round.

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