America’s Worst President Prays For America’s Best President:

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The promise to pray for Donald Trump was delivered on one of the worst television shows in America, to one of the nastiest lefties on air.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert, former President Jimmy Carter said that he is a praying man, and he’s busy praying that Trump will be a good President. Uh, thanks.

Of course, it’s a bit dodgy to pray for good intentions when you’re using your intentions to make a political point on a poorly rated comedy show. Here’s what Carter said when he was prompted to talk more about how he prays for Trump.

“I pray that [Trump will] be a good president, and that he’ll keep our country at peace, and that he’ll refrain from using nuclear weapons, and that he will promote human rights. So, yeah, I pray for him.”

Are those your prayers, or is this just a list of criticisms you have for Trump? Even if it’s a bit snarky to claim that you pray that Trump isn’t going to nuke North Korea, it’s nice to hear from a former President who isn’t being completely and wholly negative about the current man. Barack Obama has been traveling all over the world getting paid to take swipes at Donald Trump. At least Carter is leading his prayers with that he hopes Trump does well.

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Appearance on the Late Show

With ten minutes to fill, Carter and Colbert covered several topics including Carter’s new book.

The various topics they cover in the interview range from the Kennedys, to isolationism, to Cuba and North Korea and his past charity work.

Carter’s New Book On Christian Faith

Carter has written several books since leaving office and his appearance on the show was a promotion for his most recent one entitled Faith, which hit bookstores last week. Right now Faith is a top seller in the Christian Living category on Amazon. Reviews on Amazon are either 5 star, or 1 star, depending on how much you like Carter as a person.

The book is about his exploration of the “broader meaning of faith” and its relationship to America.

Flashback: Carter Complained About Obama

After Obama won his second term, Jimmy Carter took time to complain about his handling of foreign policy. At the time, Carter was generally accepted as the Worst President Ever. But now, comparing personalities and impact, it’s looking more and more that Obama will take over the mantle from Jimmy.

In 2014, Carter specifically called out Obama for his handling of ISIS:

“We let the Islamic State build up its money, capability and strength and weapons while it was still in Syria.”

Now, under Trump, ISIS only has control over about 5% of the nation of Syria, and he has frozen funds previously promised for the nation and has been pushing Saudi Arabic to pick up the slack in covering the costs.

In 2016 when Carter was 90, it was announced that he had liver cancer spreading throughout his body and had undergone surgery to remove a mass in his liver.

Stephen Colbert

In recent years, Stephen Colbert has been trying his hardest to irritate conservatives. Usually he misses the mark and says things that are straight up insulting instead of funny. For example, last summer he called Kellyanne Conway “Stan’s Trophy Wife.” He made the remark on his Late Show, and garnered criticism for insulting the first woman to successfully run a Presidential campaign by reducing her to being a “trophy wife” belonging to Satan, no less.

Last autumn Colbert hosted The Emmys which saw an audience of only 11.3 million viewers. In comparison, the low estimate for the number of viewers of watched the new episode of Roseanne last week was 18.1 million people.

Colbert’s Emmy jokes were a collection of unfunny references to Russia and treason.

This year for April Fools Day his brilliant joke was to agree that yes, CNN is fake news.

Video Of The Interview

If you feel like wasting almost ten minutes of your life listening to the interview, it’s all here. I skipped ahead to the 3:37 point, so if you hit play, it will immediately start where the two start talk about praying for Trump.

Sources: The Hill

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