Why Americans Should REALLY Be Concerned About Ebola

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Ebola is the talk of the town right now, and it’s easy to understand why, seeing as how it’s never made its way onto American soil before, and as of now, there have been a total of three confirmed cases in Dallas, with one fatality. That’s enough to make any grown man soil his shorts.

News media is being completely saturated by coverage of all things Ebola-related, and while much of what’s being discussed is super important need-to-know information that could save your life, there is a major  concern posed by this deadly disease that’s largely being ignored, which leaves America open to a disaster of biblical proportions.

What do I mean by “biblical proportions?”

To paraphrase a quote from one of the greatest movies of all time, Ghostbusters, I’m talking about real wrath of God type stuff. Fire and brimstone falling from the sky, cats and dogs living together…mass hysteria!

Basically, the end of the Republic as we know it, and trust me, when it happens, you won’t feel fine, no matter what R.E.M. says.

While contracting the disease is definitely awful, bad, and every other adjective that can be used to describe a deadly illness that makes people erupt from both ends, allow me a few minutes of your time to discuss why you REALLY should be concerned about Ebola.

Election time is almost upon us, and the importance of the 2014 midterm cannot be overstated. Conservatives have a golden opportunity to stop Barack Obama dead in the water by taking the Senate and controlling Congress, leaving B.O. up a creek without a paddle when it comes to implementing his freedom hating progressive agenda.

Republicans are poised to score big due to the almost endless list of scandals and screw-ups the Obama administration has handed out like beautifully wrapped boxes on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, the Ebola crisis seems to be shifting the focus away from this lovely spread of gift, and how they might aid us in taking the first steps to restore our country.

With so much at stake, this is a time when Americans should be researching the various candidates up for election, and educating themselves on different issues that will be on the ballot. Part of this process requires news media to cover campaigns and other election related information, which isn’t being done due to this Ebola nightmare. While Obama has much of the media in his man purse like some sort of teeny tiny lap dog, many news outlets continue to cover the stories that bring in the most viewers, and right now, that isn’t the election.

What concerns me is that we’ll be so terrified of getting Ebola, we’ll forget all about the even more deadly disease of progressivism that’s eating away at the life of our Republic like stage four cancer.

Over the years, America has been faced with many epidemics from nasty illnesses such as Swine flu, Bird Flu, and every other kind of flu you can think of. In the long run, these sicknesses sucked, but the nation survived, and I firmly believe we’ll survive Ebola too.

However, what we won’t survive is another two years of a split Congress, or worse, one completely controlled by Democrats. Now THAT gives me the willies.

I’m not trying to belittle Ebola or tell you to stop reading or watching stories on this frightening topic. Education is a critical component to staying healthy and avoiding this illness. What I’m saying is we should also be sure not to become so consumed by the fear of Ebola that we neglect to educate ourselves about the upcoming elections or not get out and vote come November.

Allowing Obama and his minions the opportunity to reduce their losses in Congress is something we just can’t afford.


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