Alyssa Milano Calls For Nationwide ‘Sex Strike’ Over Georgia Abortion Law – Gets Brutally Mocked For It

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Alyssa Milano is protesting Georgia’s “heartbeat” bill that Gov. Brian Kemp recently signed into law. She’s calling for a nationwide “sex strike” over it which just caused Twitter to melt down in laughter.

She got the lame idea from the literature of ancient Greece – a play where the women were protesting their men being away at war too long. Which is ironic on two counts: (1) If the men are away, the women are not having sex with them anyway and (2) when the men returned in ancient Greece, the women were not given a choice as I recall. But hey… it’s catchy.

Georgia’s new “heartbeat” bill outlaws abortion starting at six weeks into the pregnancy. Georgia is one of several states in recent weeks that have passed legislation forbidding doctors from ending pregnancies when a heartbeat can be detected, which is roughly at six weeks. Activists are enraged because they claim many women don’t discover that they’re pregnant in six weeks.

Hollywood, in particular, has been incensed by this bill. Because of tax breaks etc., many films and TV shows are made in Georgia. And while some in Hollywood are calling for a boycott of Georgia, Milano is calling for a boycott of sex. Yeah, that’s not going to fly.

“Our reproductive rights are being erased. Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy,” Milano tweeted. “JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. I’m calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on.” Leftists want the right to murder the unborn and the recently born at any stage. Milano wants to lead that charge and is making a fool of herself in doing so.

From Fox News:

“The idea is far from new. In ancient Greece, the playwright Aristophanes wrote “Lysistrata,” in which the title character persuades other women to deny their husbands of sex until they end a war. More recently, director Spike Lee’s 2015 film, “Chi-Raq,” transferred the same idea to modern-day Chicago and gang violence.

“Milano was able to garner support from other feminists on Twitter, many using “#Lysistrata2019.”

“But others mocked Milano’s efforts and pointed out that such abstinence would likely be endorsed by Vice President Mike Pence.”

And Christians, in general, I might add.

Hollywood director Robby Starbuck joked: “Don’t let anyone talk you out of this Alyssa. It’s a fantastic idea. Less clients for Planned Parenthood! It’s what we’ve always wanted. 😂😂😂” Another added: “Great idea. Finally something responsible and the best way to prevent an abortion. Abortion shouldn’t be birth control anyway.”

One Twitter commenter quipped: “Your brain cells are being erased at record setting pace.” Another replied that he had to check to see if Milano’s Twitter was a parody account because it constantly spouts such drivel. One man joked: “I think my wife has been on strike for the past few years.”

The only good thing about Milano’s activism here is that it is non-violent unlike others such as Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims — a Democratic abortion enthusiast — who recently bullied an elderly lady who was standing on a sidewalk outside an abortion clinic. Before that, Sims harassed three teenage girls and he accused them of being of white racists because they’re pro-life. Ironically, one of the girls was a minority.

The NOQ Report put it perfectly: “Twitter responded as only Twitter could with the mocking fervor of anyone who just witnessed something insanely stupid. It’s not that Milano is stupid, but whatever possesses her to come up with some of her silly ideas makes her seem less intelligent than she actually is.” Or maybe, she is exactly what she appears to be. Regardless… this is beyond dumb.

The #SexStrike will have about as much effect on the “heartbeat” bill as the Mueller report had on Trump’s reelection chances. Leftists keep lurching ever further to the left and into communism. This isn’t about rights… it’s about murder.

Sources: Fox News, Page Six, NOQ Report

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