Alyssa Milano Attends Anti-Gun Rally Armed to the Teeth

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The tiny 45-year-old actress famous for nude scenes and 80s sitcoms brought along an armed African-American bodyguard so she wouldn’t be hassled as she yelled outside of an NRA convention.

Held this weekend in Dallas, the NRA’s 147th annual meeting, convention and trade show attracted around 80,000 attendees and 800 exhibitors and was also a magnet for left wingers outside to protest guns. I don’t know what country Alyssa Milano thinks she’s in, but the fact that she was caught with her hired protection service who was clearly carrying a gun under his coat is all that we need to see on tape to know she’s a virtue signalling idiot.

Who Is Alyssa Milano?

Born in 1972 in New York City, Milano is now a married mother of two. She has appeared on television shows including Who’s The Boss?, Melrose Place and Charmed. Her parents both worked in the entertainment industry, and her family was wealthy enough to move from Brooklyn to State Island after a shooting in their neighborhood convinced them to white flight on out of there.

She got her start in a national tour of Annie after auditioning at the age of 7 without her parents’ permission and was soon cast as Tony Danza’s daughter on Who’s The Boss. In the late 1980s, she decided to use Ryan White, the schoolboy who was diagnosed with AIDS after receiving a blood transfusion from either a homosexual or drug user, as a prop while appearing on the Phil Donahue Show to kiss him. By the 1990s, she wanted to lose her “nice girl” image so she found herself laying down for several adult films with such titles like Embrace of the Vampire and Poison Ivy 2: Lily.

Recently, Milano has worked with the screwballs at PETA to support salad eating and likes to pal around with UNICEF. During the Trump election, she supported Bernie Sanders and then Hillary Clinton.

Oh, and she owes millions in taxes and wants compassion for ISIS.

The Confrontation, Starring Mr. Bodyguard

If you’re the kind of person who does nude films in an effort to be taken seriously and if you’re the kind of person that drags a true victim of AIDS on national television for compassion points, then you’re Alyssa Milano — the kind of person who hires an armed bodyguard to protest the fact that everyone else wants to have access to protection, too.

When you stop the video at 35 seconds, you can see what people on the ground meant. This guy is definitely carrying. And good for him. That’s his right. I wonder how much he’s getting paid for protection, and if he pays NRA fees?

Here’s the 46 second video where you can see Mr. Beefy Bodyguard Man use his crowd control skills to remove Will Haraway from the vicinity of Alyssa Milano.

It’s infuriating. Not everyone can afford a bodyguard in their life, but a few hundreds bucks for a gun and spending time learning how to use it is a lot more accessible for the average American, and that liberty is exactly what Milano hates. She was there with the NoRA, or the No Rifle Association, which was created by Milano herself.

Milano wants “common-sense gun reform,” which is apparently code for that she wants Hollywood stars to have hired bodyguards and everyone else can deal with it.

NRA Convention in Dallas

In February, a few days after the massacre in Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman High School, the acting mayor of Dallas went on a tangent during an unrelated press conference to denounce the upcoming NRA convention that took place over this weekend. Mayor Rawlings had previously went off complaining about the statues of Confederate generals that litter the city, and a statue of Robert E. Lee is now in the dustbin.

So, Acting Mayor Caraway — who himself keeps a gun in his car — spoke in place of Mayor Rawlings and said that the NRA should reconsider coming to his city, as it’s the best way to put “all citizens first.” After all, said Caraway, “Who needs an AR-15 to go hunting?”

Is everyone reading a different Constitution than me? Where on earth does it say in that document that the right to bear arms has to do with putting away a buck for the winter?

This is the press conference given at the time. It looks like Milano is one of the activists who took Caraway up on the invitation to treat NRA members like second class citizens.

Source: The Daily Mail, The American Thinker

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