ALERT! It’s Here…Cow Fart Regulation Passed As A New Law!

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I’m not surprised that dairy farmers reported this to the California Air Resources Board. I think I’m more shocked that a leftist cesspool like The Guardian reported it.

California has found it necessary to mandate the dairy farmers, they want them to slow the number of farts that their cows produce. ‘Jeez cows put a cork in it already’!5a86b3c9398d44a1b005eeef8135673a Supposedly, cow farts cause global warming (I’ll wait while you all get your giggles under control – and that includes me). Forget for a second that the dairy industry is an integral part of California’s economy and that they’re actually doing something productive for the population.

Unfortunately, like any liberal state, California’s government can’t stand the fact that working people are benefiting from a free market that’s providing a good or service that people will pay money for. They also hate the fact that you’ll also be able to make a living and provide employment for others, that means you rely less on them, after all, and then they’d have less control.

So, they have to find some idiotic reason to punish dairy farmers and put them out of business. What they really want is elitist Americans to import their milk and cheese from Mexico (or wherever).

HENCE – cow farts create global warming climate change. And dairy farmers need to stop raising cows for milk. HMMMM sounds suspicious.

But, an official from Western United Dairymen, brought in a hefty dose of reality to California. And I’m snickering just thinking about it –

Take it away Anja Raudabaugh, chief executive of Western United Dairymen, says “The focus here is to highlight ARB’s efforts at over-regulating the dairy industry,” “By nature’s design, (cows) pass lots of gas. Quite frankly, we want them to expel gas so they don’t explode.”
Geez, environmentalists –do you really want those poor innocent cows to explode?

It may sound dumb, but so is the California Air Resource Board for counting cow farts in their idiotic air quality legislation. Seriously, do they ever account for wild animals and their flatulence? I mean, if bears crap in the woods, they must fart also. Watch out bears you’re next, so is my dad for that matter…

Maybe this is a real cause for concern though!
90 Farting Cows Start Fire in Germany

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