Alabama Teen Ulysses Wilkerson Claims Cops Used Excessive Force in Arrest

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Family members and activists in Alabama are questioning the use of force by cops in the arrest of a teen, who is recovering “slowly and painfully” from his injuries.

Ulysses Wilkerson’s mother, Angela Williams, posted a picture of her son’s battered face on Facebook in wake of Saturday night’s incident in Troy. The photo has been shared 80,000 times.

Wilkerson, who is black, was walking behind a downtown business in the city of Troy when he was startled by police on the night of Dec. 23, representatives for the family said in a statement. He ran from the officers and when police caught up to him, they beat him, the family said.

Alabama Teen Ulysses Wilkerson Claims Cops Used Excessive Force in Arrest

“The family wants justice,” spokesman Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow told the Troy Messenger. “The family is very, very upset with the City of Troy and especially the police department.”

My friend Zach attacked the situation with such accuracy, I will let him apply the common sense and wisdom.

It seems all too often that when we hear of the terrible protestations of cops being too hard on young black teens, and how truly wonderful that young black teen really is, then we learn that the confrontation with the cop occurred at 2AM on some street corner in a rough part of town where drugs are dealt, etc. If the boy is really so terrific and innocent and lights up the world with his smile, why the hell isn’t he in bed that late at night? Why is he prowling around at 2AM, often with a knife in his pocket? Why wasn’t he in pajamas at 9:30pm, doing his homework at the coffee table, chatting with dad about a football game, and in bed by 11pm so he can get up and go to school in the morning?

It is a basic principle. It has nothing to do with the cops. Having looked at this situation, it looks like they step out of bounds. They should reap the resulting punishment and we need less cops like that. The basic principle does not nullify the responsibility of law enforcement to stay within their bounds and protocol.

But, seriously, Zach asks the right question! What was that kid doing wandering the streets? When you are a kid wandering the streets at 2am, you will find trouble. That is where it lurks.

If we really want to fix this situation, go to the root of the problem. Fix the family!

It goes as well to the gun debate.

Gun Crime, murder, and all of the other crime that goes with it are the problem and all the gun control in the world will not fix it.

Encouraging families, where 17 year old boys are respectful and at home, not prowling the street armed in the middle of the night. That will lower gun crime.

Putting these police in jail, might be justice. I don’t know. But I do know that putting them in jail, will not stop bad things happening to a young man, of any color, who is wandering the streets in the middle of the night. That is the big picture.

The boy’s father, Ulysses Wilkerson Jr., said his son’s eye socket was cracked in three places, he had swelling on his brain as well as massive facial swelling. This happened by police. But it could have happened by the plethora of bad folks out wandering the streets at 2am.

Activists want to know why Wilkerson was stopped by cops in the first place. Chief Barr said that the teen was confronted by officers when he was observed walking behind a closed business.

If that was my closed business I would want police investigating why a kid was messing around back there. Wouldn’t you?

Police said they used force after Wilkerson reached into his waistband for what they feared might be a weapon, Pike County District Attorney Tom Anderson told CNN. Wilkerson was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing governmental operations, both misdemeanors, city officials said.

The mayor of Troy, Jason Reeves, said he asked for the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency to review the incident.

He said the officer involved has been placed on leave. Let’s just hope cooler heads prevail and the justice system is allowed to move forward without the help of Al Sharpton.. If the cops are guilty, then put them away.


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