AK State Human Rights Director Buscaglia Is In HUGE Trouble for Regulating Free Speech of Gun Owner

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Marti Buscaglia, the executive director of the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights, has found herself in hot water for trying to regulate free speech in Alaska. When she spotted a “Black Rifles Matter” sticker on a vehicle in a public parking lot, she went to war with the gun owner. Her first step was to leave her business card on his windshield, ordering him to quit parking his truck there.

Later in the day, Buscaglia a malicious social media post on a State of Alaska website about Brenton Linegar, the owner of the truck, and his company, Sage Mechanical.

Buscaglia also reportedly emailed the building’s landlord and maliciously filed a false complaint against the company.

“If she wanted to simply have a conversation with me, then a note to that effect could have been left on my windshield. Instead, she saw fit to write a different type of note, put my truck on Facebook on the State page …,”Linegar said.

All over a bumper sticker! She has opened herself up to a Constitutional lawsuit over a bumper sticker. She was at first suspended without pay for 15 days, then three days later, she was ‘forced’ to submit her resignation. I am sure that will not be her only repercussion in the future.

Marti Buscaglia, in a letter to commissioners, said she hoped her resignation would put the issue behind the agency.

“I have been contemplating retirement for a while now and I believe the time has come,” she wrote. “I truly believe it will be in the best interest of the Commission for me to leave now so that the Black Rifles Matter controversy can be put behind us and the Commission can continue to do their excellent work.”

Thomas Sowell aptly posted on Twitter today: “One of the painful signs of years of dumbed-down education is how many people are unable to make a coherent argument. They can vent their emotions, question other people’s motives, make bold assertions, repeat slogans—anything except reason.”

In addition to Buscaglia leaving her business card with a demand that Linegar park elsewhere, a second business card from Chief Probation Officer Kendell Rhyne was also left on his truck. Was Rhyne the gun-toting muscle behind Buscaglia in trying to bully Linegar to park elsewhere?

It is also important to note that this is not Buscaglia has been in newsworthy trouble. Back in 2007, she left the Duluth News Tribune in Minnesota to start a new job as publisher of the Orange County Register in southern California. Before she went to work, it was discovered that she had lied about her education and the position was revoked.

She didn’t misrepresent information. She flat out lied — and not about one college, but about having degrees from three.

You can read about it here.

Linegar stated in his post:

If A bumper sticker can incite a call to ban one from a parking lot, cost them their livelihood and ostracize them as an outcast. I can only imagine the anger that someone has to be carrying to follow such a path about a total stranger. This is who she is and a slap on the wrist is not going to change her ideology. When she was hired or appointed, she wasn’t even qualified for the job.

She has lied in the past to get hired and has been fired before. From an internal source, she has been weaponizing this department and she will continue to do so. This cannot be tolerated at this level and is a dangerous precedent to set if she is allowed to continue in this job. She has willingly wasted taxpayer money, willingly infringed on my 1st and 2nd amendment rights, she willingly tried to cost me and my employees their livelihood and ostracize me in a small community.

Spot on, what else can be said!

I hope to see a lawsuit next. It is the only way that you stop this madness from happening again.

Marti Buscaglia, Let me explain. You were a public SERVANT, not a MASTER….

And from there…you are now unemployed….



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