After Watching This Video, Should a slurring, angry, fist-slamming Nancy Pelosi Be Evaluated By Mental Health Professionals?

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As she demanded President Trump’s tax returns and the release of Robert Mueller’s report on the failed ‘Russia Collusion’ hoax, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pounded her hands on the lectern like a mental patient slurred, looked around confused and, well, see for yourself:

Watch all these videos, they’re just a tiny portion of her over the past couple years and then tell me if she’s fit for office. “Is that all?” Trump said to reporter who brought up the Democrats request..

It’s hardly the first alarming video of confused behavior from Nancy Pelosi. A few months back when having to explain how she supported a wall before she was against it, and how the solution is lawnmowers and electronic dogs to fix illegal immigration, people began seriously talking about this. wtf?

ICYMI: Pelosi was busted on a hot mic getting confused during her first speech to Congress.

Remember, January 3 was only day one of what promises to be a wild two years. Democrats are now in charge of the House of Representatives, and Pelosi has once again been voted Speaker. She begins her speech: “As we take the oath of office today, we accept responsibility as daunting and demanding as any that previous generations of leadership have faced.”

Then, caught on a hot mic: “I think I skipped a couple pages. I’m not sure.” Watch:

Pelosi Blatantly Lies In New Email Scam To Her Own Donors

This is not the last time Pelosi will make us wonder if she is playing with a full deck. While addressing reporters, Pelosi lost her breath during several short sentences, suffered more brain freezes and could be seen staring blankly at reporters, while also frequently repeating words. Check out this Mark Dice compilation:

And it’s not just Nancy among Democrats, for instance watch What Did Pelosi Say About Trump That Made Maxine Waters Become Unhinged???

It just never ends! Nancy Pelosi! The gift that keeps on giving!

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