After Watching These Latest Videos, Does Pelosi Need a Professional Mental Health Evaluation?

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Each day, as we closely watch House Speaker Nancy Pelosi muddle through her press conferences, she seems to decline more and more, slurring and forgetting words and people. These recent videos of her press conferences show that decline continuing. Some have even been declaring she is senile!

Just last week, in another attempt to attack the President, Pelosi kept losing the words.

During her 16-minute weekly news conference last Thursday, she struggled mightily to pronounce the names of her colleagues. She had a hard time verbalizing her opposition to the president hinting that he could totally shut down the border because of the recent surge in migration.

“Last night, Representative Cuellar and, uh, ah, Representative Ron Es.. uh.. Escobar,” she began, struggling to pronounce the Democratic lawmakers name.

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The American Mirror details:

After claiming that the “president likes shutting down things,” Pelosi began waving her hands in the air, saying, “he likes shutting down the government, shutting down the border.”

“You should read the resolution because it talks about the many, ah, uh, the concern that we have,” Pelosi said, slurring her way through the sentence.

She then awkwardly held up what looks like the resolution she printed out and began reading from the packet of papers before saying “fuit” instead of “food.”

“The concerns that we have for our jobs, a shortage of fruits, vegetables, fresh fuit… foods, how harmful it would be for the entire auto and manufacturing industry,” she continued.

While still reading from the piece of paper, Pelosi stammered ahead.

“It also, uh, uh, says that the president should not stop the assistance to the north.. northern..” Pelosi said while staring at reporters with her mouth agape before correcting herself, “north triangle.”

Pelosi went on say that she’s “very proud of the work” done by Democratic Reps. Cuellar and Escobar, but she apparently forgot their names because she referred back to their resolution to help remind her.

Her comments are in response to Trump threatening last week to close the southern border if Mexico does not do more to curb the migrant caravans marching toward America.

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It has been this way almost every time she speaks. That is why some are, and have been, wondering if she is going senile.

Here is another from just 3 weeks ago.

Nancy Pelosi struggles through short AIPAC remarks:

Do you think Nancy would ever tear down the wall around her vineyard compound? Not a chance. The Left just wants the votes while the Neocon Right wants the cheap labor.

Nancy Pelosi’s Border Solution: Electronic Dogs

This is not new. We have been reporting on this serious issue for 3 years. There is no way to document it all in one place.

She has called President Trump by President Bush’s name. Slurred all kinds of words. Forgotten simple words. It is not at all normal.

This video by Mark Dice ties a lot together. Do you think she should be evaluated by professionals?

Watch Nancy Pelosi going senile. One of her episodes happened right after she questioned President Trump’s mental health, making it even more embarrassing for Skelator. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.


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