After Nike Caves To Kaepernick & Liberals, Again – Another Company Steps Up BIG TIME

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Kaepernick works for Nike. Nike makes a shoe with an American flag on it. Kaepernick complains and they recalled its Betsy Ross flag-themed sneakers. Colin Kaepernick said the design was reminiscent of the slave era, several other shoe makers are going forward and producing some killer patriotic kicks.

Fortunately, Kaepernick doesn’t intimidate anyone but Nike. Maybe Kaepernick should try out for the women’s soccer team, where not only would he fit in better – he’d have a better shot than getting back in the NFL. He identifies as a scumbag traitor, why not as a female soccer star?

The company Out of Line released the “Boss Like Ross” sneaker Tuesday, just after Nike recalled a shoe with Betsy Ross’s design of the American flag on the heel.

Take a look:

Betsy Ross, an Iconic FEMALE in American History. Best known for making the first American flag.A heroic woman that helped found the United States of America. That is badass. Betsy was a widow and a single mother managing a household and property on her own.

She was resourceful and quickly remarried for economic reasons. ​Her story and her life are stitched into the fabric of American history and every woman’s life today. ​Don’t let hate change history. Don’t let hate erase a badass WOMAN in history.​ These shoes are not a political statement.

Change your perspective, it was built around hate. Do not allow your hate for a political party to erase a key FEMALE figure in American history.​We wear the flag in honor of every woman who has fought through set backs and adversity.​ We will take this flag back in a positive and encouraging way that unites people and helps make the world a better place.​ A portion of profits will be donated to The Washington Area Women’s Foundation. ​​SOLD IN MEN’S & WOMEN’S SIZES

“She [Betsy] did it and thats my point to Nike,” Out of Line founder Carly Reed told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Their [motto] is just do it, but Betsy did it. She did it all on her own. In a time where it wasn’t easy, as well.”

The “Boss Like Ross” shoes aren’t “intended to be a political statement,” according to Reed. Rather, she wants the sneakers to help change people’s perspective and see things in a more positive light.

“These shoes aren’t about knocking Nike or Kaepernick,” Reed told the DCNF. “It was a great idea by Nike, and I respect anyone who stands up for what they believe in. I believe in women. Women that are getting ‘Out of Line’ and paving their own path, just like Betsy Ross.”

Back to Colin: I take back what I said about him playing women’s soccer. The women apparently aren’t THAT inclusive.

Olympic Gold medalist Sharron Davies is under fire for stating that In order to ‘protect women’s sport’, transgender athletes ‘with a male sex advantage’ should not take part in female competitions. For taking that position, accusations of hate have been thrown at her right and left!

Speaking to BBC Sport, Davies, 56, said ‘it is not a transphobic thing.’ She said that male athletes ‘self identifying’ as female to compete is unfair and even went as far as to say it is ‘cheating’.

Davies tweeted:

“Please please take a look & tell me how this is not going to negatively effect women’s sport?” Davies wrote, posting a meme that highlights recent transgender athletes cleaning up against biological girls and women in their respective sports.

”Every single woman athlete I’ve spoken to, and I have spoken to many, all of my friends in international sports, understand and feels the same way as me,” Davies elaborated. “Unfortunately, a lot of people who are in the races [now] are in a very difficult predicament when they can’t speak out.”

Davies also points out that it is absolutely vital for athletes both past and present to speak up for women’s rights.

“It maybe falls to the people who were competing [in the past] who would understand the predicament that is being faced at the moment to try to create a debate, and try to explain how we feel there needs to be a fair and level playing field.”

Martina Navratilova, a legend in tennis who is also gay and a big defender of LGBTQ rights, has also been attacked by transgender activists for her stance that transgender athletes were “cheating” by competing against natural-born women. Which they are.

“You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women,” Navratilova said last December. “There must be some standards and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.”

18-time tennis Grand Slam tennis singles champion Navratilova also called transgender athletes competing against women “insane.” She was attacked for her position as well, and was not having any of it!

Navratilova was called out by Canadian cyclist Rachel McKinnon, who is the first transgender woman to win a female world cycling title. McKinnon till has his male anatomy, but has lived as a woman since he was 29.

He accused Navratilova of transphobia and demanded an apology.

Navratilova responded:

“The communists tried to shut me up 45 years ago and look how that worked out…”

This has all gotten so silly. The liberals have thrown the women under the buss to push an ideology. There are ‘transgender’ boys entering girls sports in school now, stealing wins!

No one cares what you do with your personal life. But don’t push it on the rest of the world. There are obvious reasons that biological men and biological women are separated in sports. The Olympics is not an experiment in social justice.



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