Actor Mickey Rourke Goes On Profane Rant And Vows To Give President Trump A ‘Left Hook From Hell’

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What the heck happened to Mickey Rourke? He looks like he’s perpetually stoned and he seems obsessed with President Trump and not in a good way. The former boxer turned actor has pledged to punch President Trump when or if the pair meet again, warning that he would deliver a “left hook from hell.” He had a girlfriend sneering in the background as he went on a profane tirade against Trump over an incident that occurred years ago with Rourke and Tupak — evidently concerning a lawsuit after they damaged one of Trump’s hotel suites in the 1990s.

TooFab got it all on video and it’s just raunchy. The Oscar-nominated star said he had a “personal” beef with Trump over the previously mentioned incident where the president allegedly sued him and late rapper Tupak Shakur. Rourke, 67, used every profanity he could think of in his mini-rant and his threat to deal violence to Trump should earn him a visit from the Secret Service.

“That piece of sh*t that’s sitting in the White House, that p*ssy, that lying c*cks*cker. That no-good f*cking two-faced f*cking piece of sh*t,” Mickey Rourke said in the video. “He said some really nasty things about the two of us. And you know what? It’s personal. There’s gonna be a day where he ain’t president, and we’re gonna bump into each other. And you’re gonna feel me.”

From Breitbart:

“When asked by the interviewer whether he’d ever use his boxing prowess to give Trump a “left hook,” Rourke responded: “What do you think? A left hook from hell.”

“What goes up, goes down, and when it goes down like a motherfucker,” he said, before gritting his teeth and addressing Trump directly. “You hear me? You’re going to feel me. What you said about the two of us… You’re gonna feel me.”

“Rourke may well receive a visit from the Secret Service, whose responsibility it is to investigate any credible threat of violence against the president or his family.

“Other figures from the world of entertainment, including rapper Eminem and the actor Tom Arnold, have both faced interrogation by members of the Secret Service after making seemingly threatening comments towards Trump.

“Rourke, meanwhile, has repeatedly made incendiary comments about Donald Trump. In 2015, the Ironman 2 star spoke of his desire to have “30 seconds in a room” with Trump so he could tell him to “go f*ck himself.”

“Later on in the campaign, Rourke also threatened to attack Trump with a baseball bat after calling him “the biggest scumbag on the planet,” while also describing his wife Melania as “one of the biggest golddiggers around.”

“Last year, the Expendables star also attacked Trump over his policies on illegal immigration, declaring him a “f*gg*t” responsible for “separating thousands of children from their families.”’

TooFab said Rourke admitted that while he and Shakur were filming the 1996 film “Bullet,” the pair stayed at the Plaza Hotel in New York, adding that “the pair (mostly Rourke) caused $6K-$7K worth of damage.” TooFab noted that Trump sued for $28K and wrote negative things about Rourke and Shakur. Sounds like they richly deserved it.

Making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the president of the United States” is a federal crime, even if it is against a former president or even a presidential candidate, under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. The offense is punishable by up to five years in prison, with a maximum fine of $250,000.

Rourke should get a visit from the Secret Service guys over this as far as I’m concerned. I think he’s very much like Robert de Niro… over the hill and looking for attention.

Sources: Breitbart, TheBlaze, Fox News, The Daily Wire, Bounding Into Comics, Pop Culture

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