The ACLU Wants to Expand California’s Twisted Transgender Ed to YOUR Kindergartner!

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Make no mistake about it, liberals are after the hearts and minds of your children, and the younger the better. Young, impressionable minds are perfect for shaping and molding their twisted ideology and what better place than where kids spend most of their time? School.

Liberal teachers have already altered history, destroyed math and controlled what books get read. They have been subtly undermining parents for decades. And most of us have let is slide without much protest.

But perhaps now people will pay more attention to what their little ones are being exposed to when they hear the latest plans from the ACLU to expand transgender curriculum to kindergarteners. The curriculum  is currently used in California and they are seeking to spread it to the rest of the country. Yes, apparently it is necessary that kids learn Suzie can change to Bobby and guess what? In California, where this is already being taught, they don’t even have to tell the parents and give them a chance to opt out! I am willing to bet the rest of the country will face the same fate.

H/T Daily Wire

The ACLU is now fighting to have the comprehensive sex education standards implemented in California foisted upon schoolchildren in grades K-12 across the nation.

In an article posted on the ACLU’s website, Melissa Goodman, director of the LGBTQ, Gender and Reproductive Justice Project, ACLU of Southern California, lauds the California Healthy Youth Act, implemented in 2015 and sponsored by the ACLU of California, among others. She writes approvingly, “The law aims to minimize gender and sexual orientation bias and stereotyping as well as foster a positive and healthy attitude toward sexuality.”

Goodman rips what she feels was the antiquated sex education she learned in middle school, asserting:

For one week, a very uncomfortable health/gym teacher taught me about body parts and reproduction, that sex — always heterosexual — can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, and that we should therefore abstain from sex or use condoms. … What I didn’t learn was key information and skills that would have equipped me to have healthy relationships. I didn’t learn about gender and power.

Goodman continues by noting the recent focus on sexual harassment, then adding, “To stop the objectification of women and power imbalance that fuels this societal epidemic, we need to start long before anyone enters the workplace. If we want to be serious about making long-term cultural change to stop sexual harassment and violence, we should provide comprehensive sex ed in all of our schools.”

Goodman is absolutely giddy about the way the discussion of “gender” has become standard, noting:

In 2011, dozens of experts came together to develop the first national learning standards for sexual health education. The standards are the “essential minimum” age-appropriate core content for K-12 students. They recommend students learn information and usable skills about identity and bias because it impacts how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with each other. This includes cultural gender roles, gender stereotyping, gender nonconformity, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

It seems that Goodman wants to make sure young children should know all about gender issues while they are still totally malleable; she writes: “Teaching this kind of comprehensive sex ed can have real impacts. A recent global study that included the United States shows that young people firmly believe and act upon gender stereotypes by at least age 10.”

And, of course, there is the typical anti-religious perspective on abstinence: “Abstinence-only education is a proven failure and frequently reinforces gender stereotypes that play out in our behavior.”

Welcome to the brave new world, children, where sex is condoned as you grow up and “gender” is the avenue for leftists to destroy whatever vestiges of traditional morality that are still extant.

Here we have yet another argument for school choice. While most conservatives would probably love to send their children to private schools or even homeschool, it’s obviously cost prohibitive for most. Since school is mandatory, what choice do they have but to trust the public school system not to teach their children the complete opposite what they would want?

It is scary the amount of power public schools have over young people. Schools should be there to educate on the basic skills of reading, writing and math. Since when did it become the school’s job to teach kids things their parents should be controlling?

Last fall, when a 5 year old boy “transitioned” to a girl, his classmates were completely traumatized! Kids were going home afraid and crying wondering if they might wake up tomorrow the opposite sex! This is terrible! It’s unacceptable that the “needs” of a very slim minority should trump those of the rest of us, especially when children are being upset by it!

Perverted liberals continue to want to sexualize young kids in the name of “education.” It’s disgusting and parents need to speak up and show up to say “we aren’t standing by any longer!” Do we really want the morals of California of all places to be spread throughout the rest of the country?!

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