ACLU: Shoot Trump Supporters

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Loring Wirbel was a board member for the ACLU in Colorado.  You know, the ACLU, free speech and all that stuff.  In the name of all that is holy on the political left these days, Mr. Wirbel posted this on his Facebook account.

15-1214 Wirbel FB

Believe it or not some people – none on the left so far as we can tell – got a tad upset over that.  The ACLU took some heat and threw him under the bus.

Please note that the police aren’t investigating.

Think they’d investigate you if you made that same post and substituted “Hillary Clinton” for “Donald Trump”?

Apparently, openly calling for Mr. Trump’s murder is a popular thing to do on the left.  This one is from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

15-1214 Wirbel FB2

Not that anybody in power is going to do anything about it.  You’ve got a better chance of being arrested for littering than for threatening a Republican, and in her case it would be racist.

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