Abolish the IRS – It’s Out of Control and Can’t Be Fixed

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There is no reforming the IRS—it has moved way past that point. It must be ditched, once and for all.

Here is one of the most powerful federal agencies that, at best, fails to answer the simplest questions about the tax code and at worst, is used to harass citizens to fix elections for the incumbent party in office.

The IRS is routinely used by the powerful against opponents. It has happened before and it will happen again. This time, manipulating the last election by silencing political critics and turning their lives inside out—made possible by a closed, stacked system where the citizen is legally presumed guilty.

They have not only harassed applicants trying to organize citizen groups but have audited the founders of and donors to those groups. They have illegally shared protected taxpayer records with liberal groups who have used that information to attack those opposed to their candidates. It’s only a half step above “justice” in any banana Republic.

They have abused citizens, ignored the Rule of Law and have done it all with impunity because they are beyond the reach of the law–as long as chief Chicago-style fixer and thug, Attorney General Eric Holder remains their protector. Now, in the most preposterous claim yet, the IRS says that the hard drives and server records of all of Lois Lerner’s e-mails to and from the White House and Congressional Democrats were destroyed! Try that at your next audit.

The painfully obvious conclusion is that at the highest levels of government the law is considered something that must only be obeyed by the “little people”. Indeed, the law can be ignored by the powerful but is useful to punish the chumps and to enable otherwise illegal government actions.

Take ObamaCare. The law is unambiguously clear-cut that ObamaCare subsidies can only be awarded and penalties levied in states that establish healthcare exchanges. Under the law, that should mean that ObamaCare is a dead letter in 36 states. But Obama has already shown that in his Presidency any “inconvenient” law can be ignored. Now he has applied that same principle to his own “signature” legislation—ObamaCare.

When most states elected not to establish exchanges the IRS wrote new regulations giving themselves the power to penalize employers and individuals in those states and to redistribute tax money as ObamaCare subsidies. In essence, the IRS decided on its own that it could re-write tax law. That’s frightening because it means that this powerful agency has moved beyond the reach of Congress or the Rule of Law itself. Bend a knee.

Despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth asking, “how could this happen here?” little will actually be done. Prosecutions will not occur under Eric Holder, the President will continue to say he is deeply concerned with one breath and claim there is not a “smidgen of corruption” with the next. Those in the White House and in Congress who undoubtedly directed the IRS to harass citizens will not come close to actual justice.

Here is the real answer: Repeal the 16th Amendment that made the income tax Constitutional and then abolish the IRS. Adopt, instead, a national sales tax, paid by every citizen at the cash register. The FairTax at www.FairTax.org is one, the SimpleTax at www.SimpleTax.org is another. Take away the power of this corrupted and power mad agency to ever again distort elections, harass citizens or take it upon itself to unilaterally write tax law.

Ask each citizen, including the poor, to pay a little without legislated favors, exceptions, advanced depreciation schedules or other corrupting tax code elements that have, after all, been bought and sold in Washington , D.C. The IRS is more than a corrupt and powerful federal agency beyond the reach of the law—the income tax it enforces is, itself, the fuel that feeds a government without bounds. End it.


Ken Hoagland is chairman of Restore America ’s Voice—working to renew the average person’s interests in public policy decisions. He writes every day at Repeal-It-Now on Facebook and KenHoagland on Twitter.  

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