ABC, Joy Behar/The View Don’t Mind Losing Christian Viewers, So Stop Watching

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We have been calling for Joy Behar to apologize. And our voice is getting louder.

Shareholders of the parents company to ABC and The View are now demanding action from CEO Bob Iger after Joy Behar has skipped punishment for making nasty comments about Christians while appearing on her panel talk show.

Comments Should Outrage Jews, Christians, Muslims

While Joy has been specifically attacking Christians, the overlap between the two groups includes a great deal of scripture and belief. Attacking certain Christian beliefs also attacks Jews and even Muslims if you apply her comments on Jesus to the prophets.

We first reported last month that Joy Behar, on a Feb. 13, 2018 episode of The View described “talking to Jesus” as a part of “mental illness.”

“It’s one thing to talk to Jesus, another thing when Jesus talks [back] to you.”

The comments studded a series of insults against Vice President Mike Pence who has been very open with his beliefs.

Later, Pence responded to Joy’s comments:

“I’d like to laugh about it but I really can’t…It’s an insult, not to me, but to the vast majority of American people who, like me, cherish their faith. It demonstrates how out of touch some in the mainstream media are with the faith and values of the American people.”

‘ABC is doing nothing’

According to one source at ABC willing to speak across the aisle to Fox, ABC is doing “absolutely nothing about this.”

During a meeting with shareholders, Disney boss and emperor of ABC Bob Iger had to defend himself for not forcing his employee to apologize for her nasty comments.

In response to the demands, Iger said at a shareholder meeting that Behar had already apologized directly to Pence. According to reports, Iger was “irritated and dismissive of the shareholder” and cut him off during their exchange.

Producers In The Wings Shut Down Meghan

Generally we can look forward to Meghan McCain putting up a reasonable defense of conservative and religious values, even if she goes a bit too far protecting her dearest daddy from that big meanie Trump.

A few weeks ago, Whoopie took over the conversation when Meghan McCain let the comments go for a few days and decided to say her piece:

“I’ve had a very hard time over the last two days with this. I think we are living in an incredibly divisive time right now. As a Republican, I feel like sometimes liberals say we need to be tolerant to everyone… except pro-lifers, except Trump supporters, except gun owners, except for everyone in the red in the middle of the country.”

That’s when she was cut off by Whoopi, who looked over to the producers in the wings when she explained why she was putting the kibosh on the demand for an apology.

“I’m going to stop you because that’s not actually true… we don’t want to talk about liberals and what they’re doing. I’m trying to get out of this because this is what they’ve [Whoopi looks backstage] asked me to do… So, if you could do it sort of quickly…”


Joy Would Vote For A Rapist Murderer

In 2016, one month before the election of Donald J. Trump, the left win media were in full meltdown mode and Joy Behar took to The View to defend that liberals would always vote for men including Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy. Their past doesn’t matter, but their politics do:

“Republicans have voted against the Violence Against Women Act. Now, that to me, is more important than anything that Bill Clinton did or didn’t do because it’s what she’s going to vote for.”

When she was prompted with the names of victims including Juanita Broaddrick, Behar did not care.

Keep Calling!

All of us together can show the network and the show that we want action on Joy’s comments.

You can either click here to ABC’s website to find their complaints page or you can directly call their Customer Care line at:


Be nice to the person taking your phone call, but make it clear that you are no longer tuning into The View specifically because of Joy Behar’s comments. Directly contacting the network is the only way to make all of our voices heard.

Sources: Fox News

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  1. Debbie Myers says

    Their view is skewed and this is a problem for their fans. They comment as though they were an expert on the subjects they discuss and it only shows how unintelligent and poor research on their part. Unfortunately many of their viewers believe what they are spewing.

  2. howard Cosel says

    The vile Liberalism that pours out of this show proves that Hollywood and the Media are totally against all things moral and good.

  3. Robert says

    I stopped watching the View years ago and determined they should not be on the air.

  4. Frank Toth says

    Joy should be AXED from the View!!,LONG OVERDUE!!,she is as FAR LEFT AS A SNOWFLAKE CAN FALL!!,and I hope she MELTS AWAY INTO OBLIVION!!
    I would have to say that the show has done nothing more that become a Donald Trump dumping ground!

    So what they are claiming is the Pres. has done nothing to make the country better??
    He is doing what he need to do,and it takes time to do it!!

    OBAMANATION had 8yrs to do nothing but destroy the country!,I guess it was his mandate from George Soros,after all Soros paid for his run for the office to the tune of $700mil.

    I hope that the Pres. signs a law that has been talked about,that will make the media fully accountable for there info,and if it is found to be a lie then they could be shut down!!,I SAY AMEN!!!
    There has been no true reporting from the media for decades!

  5. nancy says

    That show and those clucking hens is irrelevant to most people who have a brain. It could go off of the air today, and a huge part of this country would never miss it. Or HER. She is the worst of the bunch. Even Whoopie who I can’t stand, takes a back seat to this brainless wonder. If we still had phone booths, she would get lost in one. I watched that show ONCE, and couldn’t even finish it. YUCK !!!!

    1. Frank Toth says

      Yes they are two total IMBECILES!!,and not much more can be said for the rest of them too!!

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