99.51 % of All Donations From Professors at Top 50 Liberal Arts Colleges Went to Two People

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If you know anything about colleges and universities and the professors who teach there, this won’t surprise you.  The university system is the refuge of the far left.

According to FEC third quarter reports released October 16, 47 professors at the top 50 liberal arts colleges in the country, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, have given to presidential campaigns. Of those 47 professors, Hamilton College History Professor Robert Paquette was the sole donor to a Republican candidate, giving $150 to Carly Fiorina’s campaign.

The remaining 99.51 percent went to Democrat candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The 46 other professors collectively donated $20,875 to Hillary Clinton and $8,417 to Bernie Sanders. Professors donating to Clinton have given an average of $1,043.75. Those giving to Sanders donated an average of $323.73.

That track record mirrors every election year and Professor Paquette isn’t surprised.

“I do believe these numbers give an accurate representation of the political leanings of faculty on most college campuses,” Paquette wrote in an e-mail to Campus Reform, “especially allegedly elite liberal arts colleges like Hamilton College,” where he claims to be the “only out-of-closet conservative in a faculty of 200.”

In 2012, 96% of donations from the Ivy League went to Barack Obama, and so far 95% of all donations in this cycle have gone to Democrats.

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The far left has a choke hold on the university systems in this country even though, for the most part, they are publicly funded at both the state and local level through state taxes and through federal student loans.  If you’re a newly minted PhD looking for a tenure track position and you’re a conservative – or even a “liberal Republican” – good luck with that.  You’ll be lucky to get an adjunct position at a community college.

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