81 More Investigations? Trump Warns Dems: Go Ahead With Your Witch-Hunts, & What I Declassify Will Destroy What’s Left of You

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How do we know there is nothing in the Mueller Investigation regarding President Trump and so-called “Russian Collusion”? Two reasons: 1. The Mueller team is made up almost entirely of Democrats and anti-Trump Deep State establishment, so if they had a scintilla of anything on Trump, it would have LEAKED to the press ALREADY!

Democrats are starting 81 more investigations before the Mueller report comes out because they already know there’s nothing there. To that point, a report by Marisa Schultz and Nikki Schwab reveals that;“President Trump said if House Democrats launched probes into his administration — which he called “presidential harassment” — they’d pay a heavy price.

Trump supporters should take heart that once Mueller’s investigation ends, the arsenal that President Trump has at his disposal to use against the D.C. swamp turns nuclear.

Simply put, President Trump has been holding – no pun intended – his trump cards close to the vest for a long time now, in the form of classified information, indictments, incriminating – possibly criminal – information against many, many in the Democrat and Deep State camps. Bottom line: Nobody who has been convicted or sentenced during the Mueller Investigation has had a damn thing to do with “collusion with Russia” and the Democrats are obviously getting desperate.

But they had better be careful…

Trump: “If they go down the presidential harassment track, if they want go and harass the president and the administration, I think that would be the best thing that would happen to me. I’m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard they’d never been hit like that.”

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While President Trump has the authority to order the declassification of documents that the president has characterized as “devastating” to the DOJ and FBI, the special counsel’s simple existence has blocked him from doing so. Up until Mueller issues his final report President Trump remains boxed in a corner by Rod Rosenstein, Roberts Mueller and his team of angry Democrats.

Since President Trump is the target of the investigation, Rosenstein had warned the president that declassification could be viewed by a court as crossing the line into obstruction of the special counsel’s work.

In October 2018 investigative journalist Lee Smith discussed the conundrum facing Trump when considering the timing for declassification:

In court filings last week the Department of Justice deployed what could be the nuclear option in its latest effort to prevent President Trump from declassifying information regarding FISA warrants used to spy on his campaign aide Carter Page: It is claiming that such a move would interfere with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

This is the first time the DOJ has explicitly made this argument implying personal peril for the president, since interference could open Trump to charges of obstruction of justice. Until now, the department has argued that declassifying the documents threatened national security.

In the 178-page court document, DOJ officials said they had “determined that disclosure of redacted information in the Carter Page FISA documents could reasonably be expected to interfere with the pending investigation into Russian election interference.”

This seems to justify an absurd circular argument.  It would mean that as long as the corrupt elements that initiated the investigation retained control over the corrupt investigation, the target of the investigation – in this case President Trump – remains defenseless to expose the corruption that the investigation was started to keep hidden.

Now that William Barr has been seated as the Attorney General, the leverage these corrupt elements have maintained over Trump appears to be coming to an end. With Barr now in charge of oversight of Mueller’s witch-hunt, Mueller is suddenly sending signals that he is wrapping up his investigation and all signs he is preparing to release his report as early as the end of this month.

Then Trump could declassify FISA warrant applications and other documents from Robert Mueller’s probe — and predicted the disclosure would expose the FBI, the Justice Department and the Clinton campaign as being in cahoots to set him up. Trump told The Post he wanted to save the documents until they were needed.

“It’s much more powerful if I do it then,” Trump said, “because if we had done it already, it would already be yesterday’s news.”

Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Justice Department seeking FBI records into whether Clinton Foundation participated in pay-to-play schemes with the U.S. government

Trump initially agreed to declassify the documents, including text messages sent by former FBI officials James Comey, Andrew G. McCabe as well as Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Ohr. Trump allies believe the revelations will show favoritism toward Hillary Clinton and a plot to take down Trump.

Trump then reversed course, citing the need for further review and concern of US allies – but let’s be honest – he’s just one step ahead of them again..

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