6th Grade Politically Biased Teacher Says We Are All Illegal Immigrants

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At the same Georgia school, one teacher mocked white students as mass murderers and another is forcing students to write legislators asking for stricter gun laws.

One teacher was caught on tape, and the other was caught when he sent a politicized assignment home with students. The school refuses to tell us what they’re doing to fix this, and people are rightfully angry.

Sixth Grade Teacher: Whites Descended From Racist Mass Murderers

During a social studies class with Johnetta Benton, one student named Josie Orihuela recorded Benton going far off the topic of Black History Month and heading straight into calling Trump a racist who wants to bring back segregation.

After turning off a film that was being shown to the class, Benton stated that the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ was a precursor to bringing back segregation. Appearing on Fox News, Orihuela talked about the recording she made last month, which included this quote from Benton:

“[Trump] must be talking about when it was great for Europeans. Because when it comes to minorities, America has never been great for minorities. [Because] when I examine history, I can’t remember a time when it was great for anybody other than the Europeans.”

Yeah, the black death was great. So was serfdom where you worked all year just to hand your crops over to the Lord who owned the land. Women having and raising 14 babies without so much as a Tylenol was just peachy. And before the 13th amendment, every white person regardless of their ethnic background lived in exquisite comfort.

On the recording you can hear another teacher commenting in support of Benton.

Some students tried to defend that the MAGA slogan was a call for stricter immigration laws, Benton demonstrated his poor grasp on history:

“Because Europeans came from Europe, you are immigrants. You are illegal immigrants. Because you came and just took it… you are an immigrant. This is not your country.”

As Ann Coulter likes to say, the early Americans were settlers, not immigrants, because there was nothing when they first arrived.

Johnetta Benton

The sixth grade social studies teacher has been teaching for the past 18 years. Continuing on the record, she told the students to take a look at their ancestry in the mirror before calling other people “bad” and saying that these “bad” people can’t come to American because they “happened to have killed a few people.”

She took on a voice mocking white students:

“Well guess what [this is Ms. Benton imitating a white person], my people have killed million, not a few. Millions upon millions upon millions, babies and children.”

Here is the Fox News coverage showing an interview with the student who caught Benton on tape:

Anti-Gun Teacher Corey Sanders

The tape was released after another social studies teachers, this time with a grade seven class, was in hot water for assigning students work that forced them to write lawmakers asking them to restrict second amendment rights. The teacher, Corey Sanders, managed to outrage parents who took the assignment to the police news site Blue Lives Matter.

“For this assignment, you are writing a letter to the lawmakers of the United States. The purpose of this letter is to pressure lawmakers to have stricter gun laws in the United States.”

This would be a fair assignment if the students had a choice — either defend or reject the Second Amendment. But this is a clear call for the students to write letters, and the implication here is that the students should go ahead and send them, too.

Hampton Middle School

Hampton Middle School is located approximately one hour south of Atlanta, Georgia near the city of Hampton, in Henry County. The Middle School has around 840 students and teaches grades 6-8. Of the students, 63% are black which is slightly higher than the state average of 58%. Nearby Hampton has a growing population of approximately 7,300 people with a demographic population comprising 84% white and 13% black residents.

Location of Hampton Middle School, Georgia

School Responds

The communications coordinator for Henry County schools called the record rant “extremely unfortunate” and said that while the matter had been already “addressed immediately,” they had not given any indication about what they did to fix this.

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Facebook Page Shows Angry Comments

With this story just now hitting the news, people have been visiting the school’s Facebook page and leaving comments. Here are some of the comments I’ve found, which I have edited for context.

This commentator went on to talk about sexual perversion and called the anti-Trump rant “degenerate liberal propaganda:”

“…the teacher Ms. Benton who went on a RACIST TIRADE against White people and President Trump? That kind of “motivation?”. It is becoming increasingly clear that A LIBERAL FASCIST type doctrine, has taken over the nation’s public school systems.” 


This commentator went on to mention the names of administration and school staffers:

“Really – that is brain washing, sounds like a propaganda machine, like Nazi Germany pushed to their children. Forcing students to write letters, pushing the topic of the anti-gun left. Teachers using the death of other children across the U.S. as a gimmick to force middle school age children to participate in something they had no choice in doing?”

Finally, this is a grab bag of quotes from the dozens of angry people posting to the site:

  • “The school of left wing propaganda.”
  • “Liberal indoctrination institution!!!!”
  • “Seventh grade students don’t need their teacher telling them what to believe, or what opinion they should have on a political matter.”
  • “How many more stories will come out of HMS about Leftist indoctrination?”
  • “Maybe your teachers shouldn’t be giving “assignments” to students about convincing lawmakers to have stricter gun control.”
  • Fire your commie teachers!”
  • “The assignment should have been to advocate for or against gun control by choice or random assignment, not to force every student to take your own poorly considered position.”
  • “Both of your indoctrinating teachers MUST be fired at once!”
  • “Instead of teaching kids gun control teach them the history of every country that disarmed it’s citizens and went socialist.”
  • “Thank you for being a great example of the waste that has become public education. You are fostering bigotry towards the Bill of Rights and hatred towards our Republic.”

After reading through the dozens and dozens of comments, I couldn’t find a single one that was positive. I’m sure that with this news continuing to spread that all of these will soon be deleted.

Sources: Daily Mail, Facebook, Public School Review

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