6 Ways Democrat 2020 Candidates Plan to Remove Your 2nd Amendment Rights: Free Speech is first, however

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There’s a lot of them and they agree on just about everything, but all the 2020 Democrat candidates primary candidates are coming together on one issue: restricting your Second Amendment Rights. Severely.

Gun control has always been a complicated issue in the United States, with lawmakers on both sides trying to strike the balance between keeping Americans safe and not trampling their right to bear arms and defend themselves from tyrants. So.. speaking of tyrants – here are your overlords at Democrat Central:

Watch the videos – that way you know it’s their own words – not ours.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) promised that she wouldn’t wait for Congress to target the rights of gun owners. Instead, she revealed her plan to allow Congress 100 days to “get their act together” on passing gun control laws before she takes over with executive power.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Pocahontas) was the first to come out of the gate and call for “no-fly, no-buy” legislation that would prevent those included on the Department of Homeland Security’s terror watchlist from purchasing a weapon.

Because there is no legal process for landing on the “no-fly” list, people accidentally end up on the list because they share a name with someone who belongs on the list — a problem that disproportionately affects minority men.

Warren isn’t alone in backing the “no-fly, no-buy” proposal. Mayor Pete Buttigieg BOOT EDGE EDGE is opn board.

Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) called for the U.S. to follow in the footsteps of the New Zealand government and impose a mandatory buyback program on semi-automatic weapons.

A gun buyback program allows gun owners to be compensated by the government for turning over their weapons after they’ve been outlawed. This program aims to encourage a peaceful gun turnover before it becomes a crime to own the weapon.

Are you a law-abiding gun owner currently? Well, you’ll be a criminal and illegal aliens won’t be if Bernie gets in.

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Weirdo) has tried to walk the line of protecting gun owner rights while appeasing the gun control crowd in the Democratic primary, which has led to some confusing policy stances.

Shortly after announcing his presidential bid, O’Rourke called for a ban on the sale of AR-15s and other “weapons of war,” but his policy lost some people when he explained that he would allow gun owners to grandfather in weapons they already own.

Joe Biden has supported similar AR-15 sales bans in the past, though he has yet to take a clear position on guns since his recent presidential announcement.

Booker’s imaginary loopholes

This guy is just an idiot. sorry.

I would be remiss if we didn’t show you NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch handing Spartacus his ass on gun control:

Booker’s a boob – but this guy takes the cake. No wonder he dropped out already

Swallwell or whatever his name is, set himself apart from other 2020 Democrats by promising to lock up gun owners who would refuse to comply with his takeover of the Second Amendment. I guess even Dems couldn’t “swallwell” this one.

Huge 2nd Amendment Win: Boulder, CO Gun Owners Refuse To Comply

Huge 2nd Amendment Win: Boulder, CO Gun Owners Refuse To Comply




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