38 Elementary School Students dead. We need new gun laws, NOW!

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School ShootingIt seems every time another senseless murder happens at the hands of a madman wielding a high-capacity firearm I am left saddened and angry. When will we as a county learn? There is no need for these types of weapons to be available to the average American citizen. Arizona, Aurora, Chardon, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Sandy Hook, and now today we learn of another horrific murder in Michigan. It seems a madman decided to take the lives of thirty-eight elementary school children and six adults.

This last event actually took place one sad day on May 18, 1927 at Bath Consolidated Schools in Bath Township, Michigan. This was at a time in American history when you could stroll into your neighborhood hardware store and purchase a truly “fully-automatic” machine gun, not the semi-automatic firearms that we have today. Yet, even given access to these types of weapons, the murderer (Andrew Kehoe) decided that he would instead stockpile large quantities of dynamite inside the school over the course of a year. His intent was to destroy the entire school and all 200+ students and staff.

I do not wish to take away from the tragedy at Sandy Hook and other more recent mass murders. It is my prayer that no one else should ever have to experience what those parents/spouses/families are feeling. Despite what the media tells us these events are not the norm in America. I am deeply disturbed by the joygasmic thrill/rating’s boost the media gets from these horrific stories. They know stories like these cuts us deep, as they would anyone with a soul. They show us pictures of a young child cut down in their prime with soft music playing in the background. They tell us a story of what they wanted to be when they grew up. Then they spend the next 55 minutes debating gun control, parading pictures of “black guns” across the screen (dark music plays in the background), and they do their best to discredit the NRA. The media thrives on these types of stories. Since most Americans think the Fiscal Cliff is a group of hills located on the western side of Illinois, it is no wonder the media feeds us this diet of death. They thrive on negativity, pain, and death for their success. They have provided the rest of the world with an image of America as a lawless town from the days of the Wild West. However, the numbers do not support this narrative.

2010 US FBI statistics show that 358 people were killed with rifles (most of which were not committed by the much maligned AR-15 “assault rifle”). 1,772 were killed with knives/blades and 745 by hands/fists/feet. If this is true (which it is), why are we not discussing tightening laws on knives and appendages? Of those killed with a firearm, most were killed with a handgun (6,009) and less than 10 rounds were shot (a gun perfectly legal under the now defeated Brady Bill). Gun control is not about just AR-15s. Like every other Progressive policy, it has systematic steps. First they take this, then a little more of that, and then you are left looking in the rear view mirror wondering what happened to your freedoms.

You cannot legislate morality. Evil will always try (and many times succeed, for a time) to destroy what is good and beautiful in this world. It is evil’s nature. My faith allows me the knowledge to understand that the Light will always outshine the darkness. I believe my aunt summed it up best with an excerpt from her 2012 Christmas letter to our family:

Hard times last just a season
And I have found it to be true
His Light only shines brighter
Against the darkest hue.

Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: [email protected]

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  1. TCshore says

    God gave us ten laws to live by. If we can’t do that what good are 10,000 given to us by man ?

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