30,000 Big Macs And Counting

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A Guinness record holder who has eaten at least one Big Mac every day since 1972 is celebrating a new milestone, five pounds lighter than he was seven years ago.

In Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, Don Gorske sat in his local McDonalds to eat his 30,000th Big Mac. The man, at 64, is already planning ahead for his 35,000th and his 40,000th.

Don Gorske

Since starting to eat a Big Mac a day on May 17th, 1972, Gorske has not only taken in tens of thousands o burgers, but approximately 16.1 gallons of Big Mac Sauce.

He celebrated his 20,000th burger on July 19th, 2004. At the time, he told media that the thirty thousand mark wasn’t “that far off.”

And he doesn’t do it because he loves being a Guinness World Record for eating Big Macs, he does it because he loves the burgers.

What’s news is that it’s apparently not worth celebrating some milestones over the others. Gorske said:

“If I go for 40,000, that’ll take me another 14 years or whatever like that. I don’t think people celebrate 35,000 at all, so we’re probably looking at 14 more years down the road, and I’ll be 78 years old then! So we’ll have to see how I’m doing then, you know?”

There might be something to be said about knowing what you’re going to eat in 14 years.

But it reminds me of something in that spooky Philip K Dick book A Scanner Darkly:

“In Southern California it didn’t make any difference anyhow where you went; there was always the same McDonaldburger place over and over, like a circular strip that turned past you as you pretended to go somewhere. And when finally you got hungry and went to the McDonaldburger place and bought a McDonald’s hamburger, it was the one they sold you last time and the time before that and so forth, back to before you were born…”

I think Gorske is a bit less depressing.

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What’s In A Big Mac?

According to the official McDonalds food calculator, a Big Mac contains:

  • 520 calories
  • 45g carbohydrates
  • 24g protein
  • 28g fat
  • 950mg sodium
  • 9g sugar

So it is possible to add daily Big Macs to your day and still stay healthy? Well, it depends on your own health and what else you eat in a day.

In the last few years there has been a push back against the 1980s craze of “low fat” which lead to high calories. Now, with paleo diets and the old fashioned understanding that it’s bread and potatoes and pasta that makes you fat, not animal products, we’re seeing more people accept high amounts of fat into their daily meals.

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Research on sodium is still out, with the current target for daily intake being around 2000mg.

So far, Gorske hasn’t seemed to have suffered any major health changes from the 30,000 burgers. Maybe he’s eating omelets every morning and salads for dinner to balance it all out, but he says that his cholesterol and blood pressure are both normal.

As well, he weighs five pounds less than when he had his 25,000th burger back in 2011.

What About Prizes?

Not many people would be so dedicated to a certain taste that they would work on eating the same food every day.

Gorske says that he has kept over 6,000 Big Mac boxes, some of them in mint condition, but has never once peeled the game pieces off of any of them.

“I’ve got thousands of cartons with game pieces on there, and if I got a car, that’s just too bad.”

Eating the same burger every day is a bit odd, but not peeling off the game pieces? Maybe there is something a little funny about Gorske, but he seems like a friendly enough guy.

When McDonald’s came out with the Grand Mac and the Big Mac Jr last year, Gorske was brought in to hand out bottles of special Big Mac sauce to the first customers at a McDoanlds in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Crowned Model VS Big Macs

In a quest to become a competitive eater, a tiny model from New Zealand recently filmed herself eating as many Big Macs as she could do in one hour.

“Beating the second-place score by five burgers, she says that she’s happy with her result and that it was ‘the most food I’ve ever done in my life’.

As well as the Peanut Butter cup challenge, she has scoffed 120 chicken nuggets in just over 16 minutes, and 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts in 96 seconds – and she had a steak dinner for afters.

Just watching the video makes me feel like I need to go for another run.

Sources: Wisconsin Bay ABC

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