30-Year-Old MURDER Case Of Two Teens Gets MAJOR Breakthrough…All By CHANCE!

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A Texas man is now being connected to the 1988 killings of two teens after cops were able to search his home for evidence of drugs trafficking. While searching, they found a fingernail as well as a lock of hair and blood.

John Cyrus Gilbreath, 47, is now the person of interest in a murder case that is almost 30 years-old. Shane Stewart, 16, and his girlfriend, Sally McNelly disappeared on the Fourth of July of 1988 after they went out on a date to go view a fireworks show.

Stewart’s car was later found parked at a lake in San Angelo, Texas, the day after they went missing. Their emaciated remains were not discovered until months later when they were found at another lake in the area. It would be many decades of heartache and tragedy on the part of Stewart’s father, Marshall, who prayed for answers and justice for the person that had murdered his son.

It has taken decades for that justice to come to fruition, and all it took was a chance traffic stop and some findings of a DNA evidence that locks this case up.

John Cyrus Gilbreath, 47, is now facing cases of not only the minor cases of possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of body armor by a felon, when during a traffic stop his vehicle was searched.  However, there was still something even more evil that the police would find.

Police received a warrant that had requested in order to search Gilbreath’s home for any suspicious material, including many suspected ledgers used for trafficking drugs.

Instead what they found was more heinous, that is a lock of hair, a fingernail and what investigators believe to be a spot of blood that is suspected of being linked to the 30-year-old case.

Investigators searched further in the house and found eerie paraphernalia that is ‘specific to the offense of murder’ – which included Shane and Sally’s names, and three eerie audio tapes that had the markings ‘SS’ written right on them, according to reports.

Daily Mail:

Gilbreath, of San Angelo, is currently considered a person of interest in the teens’ slayings.

Shane and Sally’s remains were discovered by hunters in San Angelo and authorities determined they died from gunshot wounds.

But the state of the remains meant there was little other evidence from the crime.

‘No answers came,’ Stewart said in a YouTube video on the 25th anniversary of Shane and Sally’s disappearance in 1988.

‘This was all that there was left of her,’ added Sally’s mother, Pat Wade. ‘We very carefully had her prom dress placed in the coffin. Couldn’t put it on her. There wasn’t anything to put it on.’

Over the years, the families and authorities have made multiple pleas to try and solve the murders. The teens were even featured in a 1991 episode of the TV show ‘Unsolved Mysteries’, which floated the theory they’d been killed in a Satanic cult ritual.

That explanation was later rejected and investigators have filed thousands of documents referring to the couples murder, yet nothing of substance would be made of it – that is until now. Stewart and Sallie just may have their justice after all these years.

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