27-Year-Old London Bridge Terrorist Appeared in British Documentary about British Jihadists!

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On Saturday night, three men embarked on a stabbing rampage in London Bridge murdering 7 and injuring 48 on the London Bridge and inside Borough Market. One of those three was a known radical Islamic terrorist named Khuran Butt or ‘Abz’.

Butt and his fellow attackers, wore fake suicide bomb vests, and then used a van to mow down pedestrians on London Bridge before running amok with knives in Borough Market, slitting the throats of innocent bystanders. One reportedly yelled: ‘This is for Allah.’

Sadly, Khuran Butt was recorded in an earlier Channel 4 documentary on British Jihadists.  He was even seen with an ISIS flag and known to have lured children with candy to try and radicalize them.

H/T Daily Mail:

The London Bridge killer wearing an Arsenal shirt slipped through the net despite being reported to the police twice for extremism including trying to twist the minds of children he bribed with sweets and cash, it was revealed today.

The security services face difficult questions because 27-year-old Muslim ringleader, Khuram Butt, known to friends as ‘Abz’, even appeared in a Channel 4 documentary last year about British jihadists and unfurled an ISIS-style flag in Regent’s Park.

He was also caught on camera alongside two notorious preachers who were well known to police and intelligence officials because of their extremist views.

A friend of Butt called the anti-terror hotline because he became obsessed with watching hate preacher videos on YouTube and police were later warned he was trying to radicalize children in a local park and giving them treats to listen to him.

Butt also berated an Imam for encouraging worshippers to vote in the 2015 General Election and was banned from the mosque in the ensuing row.

A friend who called the anti-terror hotline said: ‘I did my bit, I know other people did their bit but the authorities did not do their bit’.

Butt is one of three men who embarked on a stabbing rampage in London on Saturday night, murdering seven and injured 48 on London Bridge and inside Borough Market.

Another of the friends has been named as Rachid Redouane – believed to be a pastry chef living in Ireland having married a Scottish wife – who was not on anyone’s radar as a terrorist and also used the name Rachid Elkhdar, claiming to be six years younger.

The Telegraph claims that counter-terrorism officers were watching a cell in Barking on the eve of the terror attack.

Today Butt’s family asked to ‘grieve in peace’ as it emerged the terrorist held a farewell barbecue at his flat in Barking, where guests were handed cupcakes.

Neighbour Ramou Grant told Good Morning Britain: ‘Last week he called for a barbecue and invited all of us. [I’m] thinking, “was this a send-off?”.’

He was pictured, having been shot dead by police, lying on the ground in an Arsenal shirt.

One of his neighbours told MailOnline he was a ‘cheeky chappie’ before he became serious about Islam and his older brother was in the Territorial Army.

Aged eight he was knocked down with a car and broke his tooth and damaged his leg. He got a £2,500 payout and walked with a limp after that.

In 2013, the neighbor said he started to wear religious clothes. He used to go to the mosque over the road which she said was quite radical and lots of young men start going there and turn out extreme, she said.

Housewife Erica Gasparri, 42, told The Times she had reported Butt to police last year after challenging him in a park near a school.

She said: ‘They were waiting for the children of the neighborhood. They would give the children chocolate while talking to them. They would pray in the park for hours.’

Yesterday police arrested 12 people in connection with the atrocities – seven women and five men. The youngest was a 19-year-old woman and the eldest was a 60-year-old woman.

Among those detained were a number of people taken into custody at the suspect’s home in Barking, east London – where he lived with his wife, two young children and elderly mother.

Intelligence officers have identified 23,000 jihadist extremists living in Britain as potential terrorist attackers.

This is what happens, when you have politicians that are in denial. Britain has had two terrorists attacks in just the past month. Despite these two bloody attacks, the idiot mayor of Britain, Mayor Sadiq Khan told citizens: Don’t worry, London is a safe city.

Are you kidding me?!  Get REAL!

This is a mayor who is definitely out of touch with reality.  I’m sorry but this is why these terrorist attacks keep happening, because of politicians like Mayor Khan who are still in ‘La La Land’.

Here’s what President Trump had to say about Mayor Khan’s comments:

“At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed.’”

That’s the difference between President Trump who is cleaning up Obama’s mess and Mayor Khan who is STILL in denial.

Did you really expect anything different from a Muslim mayor who continues to sweep the impact of Islamic terrorism under the rug?

Just like Obama, this Mayor will probably never utter the words ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’. Until he can acknowledge THAT terrorism is a problem, unfortunately these terrorist attacks will continue on innocent citizens and victims.

Hey Mayor Khan! When you have terrorists on tape in a documentary about British terrorists, that should have been your evidence and clues for surveillance.

Something tells me, working under Mayor Khan, the British police must be operating with their hands tied. Total INSANITY!

Aren’t you glad we don’t have that problem any more?

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