23 Year Old Texted Dad’s Old Phone on 4th Anniversary of His Death. This Time She Got a Reply

"Hi sweetheart, I am not your father, but I have been getting all your messages for the past 4 years," replied Brad, a man who lost his daughter in 2014.

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Chastity Patterson had been keeping her father’s memory alive since he died by occasionally texting his old phone. The 23 year old from Arkansas had lost her father at a young age, and it was a way for her to feel comfort. She would ‘keep him updated’ on current events in her life, and how she was doing and feeling.

Then came Thursday, October 25. It was the day before the fourth anniversary of her father’s death.

“Hey Dad it’s ME,” Chastity said. “Tomorrow is going to be a tough day again.”

Chastity explained how she had beat cancer and how she hadn’t gotten sick since her father’s passing. “I promised you I would take better care of myself!” She discussed her college graduation, which she did with honors. She discussed her love life, and heartbreak. Chastity explained to her father how it had made her a much stronger woman.

Then, to her surprise, she got a response. (You might want to set your device down and go get a box of tissues!)

Chastity’s lengthy message was posted to her Facebook page and shared more than 300,000 times.

“I’m doing great, you would be so proud of the woman I have become,” she texted.

She signed off with, “I just wanted to say I love you and I really do miss you!”

Then came the response:

“Hi sweetheart, I am not your father, but I have been getting all your messages for the past 4 years,” the message read.

He introduced himself as Brad and told Chastity how he lost his daughter in a car wreck in 2014. “Your messages have kept me alive.”

“I’m sorry you lost someone so close to you, but I have listened to you over the years,” Brad continued.

“I have wanted to text you back for years, but I didn’t want to break your heart,” 

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“You are an extraordinary woman and I wish my daughter would have become the woman you are.

Patterson said Brad’s response was a sign that “everything is OK” — and that she could finally let Ligons go.

In a later post, Patterson explained that Ligons wasn’t her biological father but “blood could not make him any closer.”

I text my dad everyday to let him know how my day goes, for the past Four years! Today was my sign that everything is okay and I can let him rest! ❤️ Jason Ligons

Posted by Chastity Patterson on Thursday, October 24, 2019

After Chastity shared the message exchange to Facebook, the post quickly went viral.

She later wrote that she had been inundated with messages, most of which were of support or from people claiming similar experiences.

“After reading a few comments and some amazing stories in my inbox, I see that my post has touched SO many lives,” she wrote.

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“I’m sorry if people cried and I’m so sorry for everyone that has lost someone close to them.”

She took some flak after she clarified that the ‘dad’ she was texting, Jason, was not her biological father but rather a father figure who had taken her in as his own.

She admitted: “I still have my real dad”.

“I didn’t share my messages to gain anything and I didn’t share them because I was looking for a father – I had one and I still have my real dad,” she said.

“I shared my messages for my friends and family to see that there is a God and it might take four years, but he shows up right on time.”

Beautiful story.

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