Teacher Forced 4th Grade Boy To Remove Ash Wednesday Cross In Class

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An unidentified teacher, (who admitted that she has never even read the 1st Amendment), from Valley View Elementary School in Bountiful, Utah, forced a boy to remove his Ash Wednesday cross in front of his classmates.

‘You have to take it off,’” the 4th grader told  the media. “She gave me a disinfection wipe — whatever they are called — and she made me wipe it off.”

School and District Contact information included below!

The boy’s grandmother, Karen Fisher, told FOX13 she was “pretty upset” by the incident and received a call from the school’s principal and the teacher who ordered the cross to be washed off.

“I asked her if she read the Constitution with the First Amendment, and she said, ‘No,’” Fisher said.

I do not know about you, but as bad as the ash incident is, what is worse is that this woman is teaching children, while being totally illiterate about the United States Constitution!

The boy, William McLeod, received the ash marking by a priest for the Catholic religious day that signals the start of the Lenten season. He then went to school and was the only student who had ashes.

NBC 4 in Utah reports:

Like millions of Catholics and Christians around the world, William McLeod received an ash cross on his forehead to commemorate Ash Wednesday.

But the boy’s teacher made him wipe it off when he got to school.

McLeod was the only student in his fourth-grade class with an ash cross on his forehead.

“A lot of students asked me what it is, I said I’m Catholic it’s the first day of lent, it’s Ash Wednesday,” William told KSTU.

But the cross didn’t stay on his forehead very long.

“The teacher walked over and said like what is that and I was like its Ash Wednesday and I’m catholic it’s the first day of lent and was like no its inappropriate go take it off.”

His attempt to explain the meaning of the symbol fell on deaf ears.

“She took me aside and she said you have to take it off. So she gave me a de-infection wipe — whatever they are called — and she made me wipe it off.”

William says it happened as many of his classmates watched.

“They saw the teacher wipe it off because they wiped it off in front of all my friends…I felt like, really bad.”

The teacher and the school principal called William’s grandmother as soon as she learned of the incident.

The unidentified 4th grade teacher sent William a handwritten note and some candy as an apology.

“It said ‘William I am so sorry I hope we can move things from here,” William told KSTU.

The school district has admitted that what happened is totally unacceptable . They are investigating the incident and the teacher could face disciplinary action.

Here we go!

Often I say, it is not these abhorrent incidents in our schools that are the big problem, often they are the results of something bigger.

This mistake was made because of a deficiency on behalf of the teacher. The mistake can be apologized for, but the problem is still there.

There should have been, and obviously is not, a little voice in her head that told her that this was VERY unacceptable. If this woman, and all three 4th grade teachers at this school are far from newbies, does not even understand the very basic 1st Amendment, and has never even read it, this is the REAL problem.

I do not call for this teacher to lose her job, as I often do. She apologized immediately and the school and district did not make an effort at excuse making. Kudos for that because it is rare!

But the school and district need to force this teacher into some serious training. She needs to be made to pass a Constitution test if she is going to teach upper elementary. (It seriously makes me question what else this woman does not know!)

So, you know the drill…. we have done this before. This is not a call to have this teacher removed. This is a call for the school and district to fix the underlying problem.

This teacher needs to understand that there are parents involved and this is the PARENT’S child, not the school or the teacher’s. There are many things that are off limits. This is a basic. It is not complicated.

So here is the contact info! Make a call or send an email!

Davis School District: 801-402-5261

John Robison, President: 801-660-5130 [email protected]

Valley View Elementary: 801-402-2050

Kimberly Johnston, Principal  [email protected]


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