Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Don’t Know What To Do!’; Lost Full Control Of Her Own Caucus In The House!

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in dire straights as this week ended in catastrophe amid much needed unity among House Democrats!

I have personal word, from a well trusted liberal source, that the chaos we are seeing among the Democrats at this time is much worse that what we see.

Nancy Pelosi is stuck between a severe rock and a hard place and really does not know what to do to get out of it!

I had an extensive phone call earlier this week with a longtime friend who is involved heavily with the local liberal grassroots movement as well as campaigns and staffing at the national level.

“Unfortunately, you would be doing the happy dance if you really knew how bad it was!” she laughed at me. “The leadership is split, the activists are split, and the voters are split! The hard feelings are really beginning to erupt.”

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The leadership is “at a quandary”, she told me. “The ‘socialist’ wing has taken over the younger vote and the leadership and moderates know that it is toxic. They cannot seem to get the far-left to control what they say! Every meeting I have attended for 6 weeks has ended with tension.”

But as our conversation ended, we discussed that we both knew she was not telling me anything that I could not already assume. It has been clear for some years now that this war was brewing!

“Nancy Pelosi does not seem to know exactly what path to take to solve this crisis.” she told me, “I’ve never seen her so indecisive!”

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Since that phone call, things have proven the whole situation to be true. Just yesterday, Pelosi went to great lengths to make excuses for Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and her vitriolic antisemitic statements.

Speaking before reporters Friday, Pelosi refused to call on Omar to apologize, claiming the freshman congresswoman didn’t realize her controversial statements about Israel would be received as antisemitic.

“I do not believe she understood the full weight of her words. These words have a history and a cultural impact,” Pelosi said of Omar’s remark.

My own Texas Congressman, Lance Gooden, explains it well on Varney:


The Democrat party is in full Civil War, and very few want to admit it or talk about it.

The socialists have opened Pandora’s box this year in a big way.

If you look back to when John Kerry was running for President, a major reason he lost, was that he let himself get too painted by the far left. Just one picture with him and Jimmy Carter got major play. Michael Moore and Barbara Streisand made major waves in that campaign season.

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During the next season, with Barack Obama at the helm, they worked hard to keep him distant and moderate. You did not see Moore or Streisand, or many other far lefties out and about,

But that was before social media! That changed everything. Just like the white supremacists have a bigger voice and better ability to organize, the socialist wing of the Democrats, which makes the white supremacists pale in comparison, and is definitely on the move to change the face of the Democrat party for good…and it is working.

I do not see a way for moderate Democrats, and Pelosi and Schumer to put this back in the box. Omar made it very clear:

Omar — along with Rashida Tlaib of Michigan the first Muslim women in Congress — said she’s willing to keep speaking out and be a Republican punching bag if it helps advance her agenda, a prospect that likely makes many of her fellow Democrats cringe.

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Like I have been saying, Get the Popcorn!


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