Admission of David Hogg to Harvard Questioned In Light Of MAJOR #CollegeCheatingScandal

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The country was shocked to find that some of our beloved celebrities had been involved in a major scandal that involved lying, bribery and cheating among the admissions of some of our finest universities.

The scandal involves college administrators, coaches, and Hollywood actors and actresses.

Rich parents were enlisting the help of a shady college-preparatory program to get children into elite private colleges through fraudulent means. CNN called the scandal a “national conspiracy.”

50 people have been arrested following an FBI investigation called “Operation Varsity Blues.” In total, two entrance-exam administrators, one exam proctor, nine coaches at top schools, one college administrator, and 33 parents were taken into custody.

The lead FBI investigator, Joseph Bonavolonta, stated that parents paid anywhere from $200,000 to $6.5 million for guaranteed admission into a school.

David Hogg, a student who survived the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on February 14, 2018 and afterward became a celebrity gun control advocate, announced last year that he had been admitted to Harvard, which caused many at the time to pause on his qualifications for a school with such high scholarly standards.

“Thank you all for the well wishes, I’ll be attending Harvard in the fall with a planned major in Political Science,” Hogg tweeted.

Now, in light of the scandal, many are beginning to seriously question just exactly how Hogg himself got an admission to Harvard.

His SAT score is well below the qualifying mark for admission.

Hogg has an SAT score of 1270, well below the average score of 1520. It is actually 190 points below Harvard’s bottom 25%. The bottom 25% at Harvard boast an average SAT of 1460.

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He was was rejected for admission by several University of California system schools. These included UCLA, UC San Diego, and UC Irvine. So how does one rejected by higher level state schools, get a pass to Harvard?

On Harvard University’s campus, the wealthy are well represented, with rich students outnumbering low-income ones, 23 to 1. It is very hard to get in of you are like Hogg, middle class.

Many are questioning just that on social media.

Candice Owens called it “the biggest University scam of the decade,’ and asked the FBI to investigate the admission.

The real question remains. Did some student, that worked much harder than Hogg, and I am not saying he was a slouch, he has a 4.2 GPA….

But did he take a spot from someone who worked even much harder just because of celebrity? Would he be going to Harvard if there was no Parkland School Shooting that was the catalyst to his rise to celebrity?

Was the decision in the admissions made because of political ideology? Was it made for celebrity? If he was a Pro-America, Pro-Gun Republican with a higher SAT, would Harvard have laughed at his request for admission?

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His mother works for CNN and his father worked for the FBI. Did that help?

We may never know, or we might if there is an investigation as Owens suggests. I do not think David Hogg did anything nefarious, and I congratulate his good fortune. But did the system?

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