Will Trump Feed Chick-fil-A To Covington #MAGAkids At The White House?

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It has been confirmed that President Trump has invited Nick Sandman and the Covington #MAGAkids to the White House in response to the media catastrophe this week!

We here at JoeForAmerica, (actually it was my good friend Melissa’s idea), were pondering what would happen if the President served the boys Chick-fil-A?

For those out of the loop, students from Covington High School were targeted by an angry online mob over the weekend, who falsely blamed them for instigating conflict with a Native American activist on the National Mall in Washington, DC, following the March for Life.

The media responses to the boys going to the White House has already been sadly predictable:

CNN framed the concept earlier Tuesday morning as, “President Donald Trump is publicly siding with the mostly white students of a Kentucky high school who were engaged in a confrontation with a Native American elder that renewed a sensitive national debate about race relations in America.”

As well, many are complaining the Native American ‘Veteran’ who actually never served in war, just during the time frame of one, that started this mess should get to go.

The Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI) members shouted profanities at the boys, calling them names such as “cracker,” “faggot,” and “pedophile,” and singled out a black student for abuse, saying he was a “n*gger” who was going to be murdered and have his organs harvested by the white kids.

The liberals have already made it clear think the BHI should get an invite too!

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So we here at Joe think President Trump should feed the #MAGAkids Chick-Fil-A!

You will remember last week that the President served a fast food meal in the State Dining Room for the Clemson Tigers and liberals called it racist and classist. He personally paid for the event, catered by some of America’s great fast food joints. He blamed the shutdown.

Heads exploded over a little fast food. They hate Chick-fil-A! They might make a mass immigration to Venezuela!

President Trump welcomed the Tigers, national college football champions, to the White House on January 14. He served them burgers, pizza, and fries from some of America’s most storied institutions: fast-food chains.

The resulting buffet, which included hamburgers, fries, salads, and fish sandwiches from McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s alongside Domino’s pizza, was a strange choice, particularly for an event held in the 140-seat State Dining Room, which traditionally hosts formal dinners for ambassadors and heads of state.

Picture it! Sicily! Chick-Fil-A!

I can only imagine the response! The crowd will go wild!

Details are scarce at the moment, but Laura Ingraham announced the #MAGAkids meeting Tuesday afternoon on Twitter. She added that the meeting could occur as soon as Wednesday. She issued a follow-up that a date was more uncertain. The meeting might not happen until the current government shutdown dispute is resolved. ​

Ingraham tweeted about an hour later that the White House “seems to be in flux” regarding a meeting with Covington #MAGAkids. They were already in Washington, D.C., on Friday for the March for Life.

“Announced any meeting would happen after shutdown,” Ingraham wrote on Twitter. “Odd as it would be less meaningful if delayed.”

Most likely, it will happen!

So let’s get the White House to serve Chick-Fil-A! Retweet, Retweet, and Never Retreat!




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