Open Letter To Teenager Who Says the Wall is Not Needed

Obama Border Patrol chief to Trump: ‘Stay the course’ on the border wall

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I recently had a conversation with a young man who believes that the wall is not needed and the President should just reopen the government.

“Ask Congressman Hurd if he thinks we need a wall; if he thinks that’s the best way we can fight illegal border crossings and spend that money.”, he said.

“Reopen the government and start a real, substantive dialogue about the bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform we need.” he stated in another post.

I share with you my response:

Ask Obama’s Border Patrol Chief. He’s smarter than an ol politician like Hurd. (I referenced the following)

Obama Border Patrol chief to Trump: ‘Stay the course’ on the border wall

Mark Morgan, a career FBI official who served as Border Patrol chief for the last six months of the Obama administration before being removed once President Trump took office, has come out this week in support of a border wall.

“I can stand up and say they are right because it’s the right thing to do for this country. I’m begging the president to stay the course.”

I then continued:

“CBS fact checked the stat on women and children being abused within the people who are attempting to enter illegally. Trump was wrong, (Kinda. Both 1/3 and 2/3 stats running around, depending on methodology)…

From Breitbart: The women and young girls exit the vehicle with their coyote and attempt to make their way around the checkpoint. Most of the apprehended illegal migrants say they were told it would be a 30-minute hike and that they were given a gallon of water for their trip. The reality is that the hike usually takes 3-4 days. It is common for the coyote to sexually assault or rape the females on this stretch of the journey as well. These coyotes usually remove an article of clothing from the female they rape and they tie it tightly to a tree—a rape tree.

“The rape trees are a common practice in this area,” said Daniel Walden, a human trafficking investigator and instructor who founded a team of volunteer police officers who donate their time to help patrol in Brooks County, which is among Texas’ poorest counties. “The women are warned in Mexico that they likely will be raped and assaulted during the trafficking process. It is common for mothers to put their young daughters on the pill or some other form of contraception before sending them north.”

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So between 1/3 (Trump) and 2/3 (CBS) of the women and the children coming through illegally are being assaulted.

One side encourages them coming through illegally, some of which even to the point of totally open borders. (Liberal)

One side encourages them to come through the door. (Conservative)

I was raised in one of the most populous immigrant populations in the country.

It’s not difficult for a person from another nation to come here legally. Getting citizenship is a process.

Getting asylum or immigration by good people works well with the process.

I grew up during Vietnamese asylum in California. We brought a family into our home. They all immigrated legally. They chased down citizenship over the years and the Vietnamese population in California is doing rather well.

As long as you side with the side that says, “Whatever it takes get in here”, you help perpetuate all the nasty problems that go with it.

If everyone were in unison, that you must come here legally, we would not need a wall.

Since in fact, the utopian vision of no borders or sovereignty will never happen, your only solution is to tighten the borders and security, and get the message out that you must obey our laws to get in this country.

Liberals say that is racist. It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with the basic principle of sovereignty.

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I don’t think he has thought through the ramifications of the liberal solution.

The liberal solution and mantra, is resulting in more abuse of women and children than is fathomable.

We know from Chicago and California, dozens of other real life examples, that gun control actually ends in more death.

We all see the same problems. Its the failed solutions of the left, all well documented, that are at issue.

Yes. Never good to start on a foundation of hate. You will always see what you want and bypass what you don’t.

I never hated Obama or Hillary. I disliked the ideology and direction of the country based on foundational principles. History tells me there solutions don’t work.”


The foundational principles never change. I don’t always like Trump either. It doesn’t matter. The direction this country takes matters.

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