Restaurant Security Footage Of Unexplained Event Baffles Even Experts

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The shocking unexplained events of this video were taken on security camera at the La Ruta Bar and Restaurant in Jalisco, Mexico. You just have to watch to believe it, but things happen that cannot be explained.

There is no CGI involved, just security footage of a worker cleaning up the bar area after hours. You will want the video in full screen, and watch carefully at both the :07 mark as well as :30.

What do you think? Is there any explanation? Was it an elaborate joke? The video has been shared over a million times total in a number of social media outlets.

At this point, nobody has a theory, let alone an explanation. Everything seemed pretty routine, and then….

The La Ruta Bar and Restaurant in Jalisco, Mexico is a popular hangout for locals, as well as travelers, but the place has never been the same since 2015 when this unexplained footage was taken. scroll down for video

Restaurant Security Footage Of Unexplained Event Baffles Even Experts

Ghosts are a controversial topic. Some people believe in them and even swear they’ve seen them personally. Some believe there always has to be a logical answer.

Others think the whole idea is silly. Scientists view the matter with skepticism: they won’t be convinced until they see some seriously good evidence.

We’ve posted the video below. Remember, you have to pay very, very close attention. Watch very carefully.

Just watch, and see if you can figure out what happened. I couldn’t! Personally, I peed my pants a little and the dog jumped out the window.

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It’s BEYOND me that people take these things seriously. We actually get emails saying we’re reporting false news! It’s a joke, duh. Jokes can’t be true or false because they’re FRIKIN JOKES you dummies! But our readers know better – ya’ll like a good scare or laugh once in a while don’t you? In short, it’s a prank.

We previously did Car Ad Pulled From TV Due To Unexplained Event Caught On Camera.

Our readers made the choice. It quickly became the #1 all time article on Joe For America. To this day, it is still going strong.

So we decided to to listen to you… and give you another.It seems Y’all love sharing it to have a good laugh…or should I say scare… with your friends.

We hope you enjoy this one as well!

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Laughter is the best medicine. We live in a world that is very stressful. From family to work, to current events and politics…it seems to get crazier and crazier.

We here at Joe try hard to get to you the information about the serious issues of the day.

But sometimes, it’s just a good idea to have some fun. Joke around a bit. So enjoy! Make sure you share the link and give us some Facebook comments!

And laugh! It’s important!

Have fun!

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