Little Johnny is Back! [JOKE of the DAY] **Warning R-Rated

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How can Little Johnny turn the word “fascinate” into something dirty? Impossible, right?

Well, he’s back and he’s still in elementary school, driving the teachers to tears with his shenanigans. This teacher thinks she’s figured out a way to stop him. Oops.

There is the set up. Do you see it coming? Keep scrolling..

Nice try..

Johnny starts to smile..

… and the fatal mistake.

Were you onto Johnny?

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From Wikipedia:

Little Johnny

Little Johnny jokes are about a small boy who likes to ask embarrassing questions and has a very straightforward way of thinking. At times he is well educated in the terminology of sex, while at others he is all too innocent. The jokes may also include a female counterpart, typically named Susie.

The Italian character version of Little Johnny is “Pierino” (Little Peter), the child star of numerous jokes full of double meanings. The character became very famous in Italy between the seventies and eighties, in the period of Italian zany and erotic comedy on cinema. Four movies about Pierino were made, all starring Alvaro Vitali.

Joke characters similar to Little Johnny are known in many countries:


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