Jim Carrey Has A New, Disturbing Painting That Centers Around The Covington Controversy

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Jim Carrey is a celebrity that has taken to painting in the last few years. Typically, he paints political messages that take aim at the right. When the Covington Catholic High School controversy surfaced, Carrey bought into the left’s false portrayal of the teens involved. They were painted as racists who surrounded, harassed and mocked a Native American man named Nathan Phillips.

It would turn out that the opposite was true and now attorneys are lining up to represent the boys pro bono and make names for themselves off a huge case that will sue the media, celebrities, leftists, and others for making false statements about the boys. The lives of both the boys and their families have been repeatedly threatened. But Carrey responded as most of the left did before getting all the facts straight.

Carrey took a disturbing take on the events and created a painting that was entitled “Baby Snakes.” He has received a lot of blowback for his characterization of the boys. Chief among those taking exception with the comedian’s artwork is Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. He has been attacked himself by Carrey in the past.

You’ll recall that in the lead up to the 2018 midterm elections Carry did a painting of Cruz and his political challenger in the Senate race, then-Democratic Texas Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke. The painting showcased O’Rourke pulling back a curtain and allowing sunlight to flood in through a window on Cruz. Cruz, in a nod to vampirism, burst into flames and transformed into dust.

Cruz’s response was classic. “Hollywood liberals all in for Beto. But (self-described socialist) Jim Carrey made a mistake here: Vampires are dead, and everyone knows the dead vote Democrat….”

Last week, Cruz tweeted, “Just sad. Rich & powerful celebrity uses his fame to pick on teenagers. So much partisan hate, he doesn’t care that the full video showed these high school students as victims of harassment, not the other way around.”

“Jim, insult me, insult Trump, fine. But leave the kids alone,” the senator added. And he’s absolutely right. Carrey should pick on someone his own size.

Jim Carrey has many times attacked President Trump via his artwork. Many conservatives have also been featured by the leftist comedian. Many times the artwork is threatening and almost uniformly disparaging. But previously, Carrey has stuck to attacking adults. This is his first foray into attacking children. Many view such an action as crossing a line. Carrey probably did so because a number of the boys were wearing red MAGA hats.

From Breitbart:

“Carrey, meanwhile, is known for his unapologetically anti-Trump and anti-conservative artwork. Many of his drawings are vulgar and controversial, although the 56-year-old claims it is his way of dealing with the “pain” he feels of life under the Trump administration, who he believes are driving the country toward “suffering beyond all imagination.”

“I feel feelings, and that’s the only way I can deal with them is to turn them into something positive,” he explained last October. “All pain equals art.”’

Until President Trump took office, it was an unwritten rule that you did not go after the children of politicians. But when Hillary Clinton lost and Trump took the helm all the rules were thrown out concerning decorum as well as legally. All that matters now is going after Trump and his supporters. Jim Carrey does that in his art and is applauded by the left for it… even when his targeting involves children.

Sources: The Conservative Tribune, Breitbart

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