Illegal Activists ‘Deported’ After Seeking ‘Refuge’ in Pelosi’s Backyard

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Nancy Pelosi, had activists, reportedly including illegal immigrants from Guatemala and Mexico, thrown off her walled California estate by the local police.

The activists lugged a tent onto Pelosi’s multi-million-dollar vineyard estate as freelance journalist Nick Monroe reported Monday.

Monroe captured the incident on video (see below). Leader Laura Loomer says she wanted to prove her point that hypocritical liberals don’t practice what they preach.

The Daily Wire reports:

In large red letters, the word “immorality” was written across the tent; there were also photos of murder victims of illegal immigrants hanging from the front of the tent.

Livestreaming the event, Loomer took the time to read each of the victims’ names and reiterate that these folks were not welcome in “sanctuary state California.”

The controversial journalist even went to check if the Pelosis had locked their front door, since, according to a sarcastic Loomer, “only bigots lock their doors.”

“Come on, you can’t say everyone is welcome here and then lock your door,” said Loomer, upon finding the doors locked. “You’re killing us, Nancy! You’re killing us!”

Police officers were soon called to the property and asked for identification from the illegals and Loomer and company.

“I was told IDs were racist,” Loomer repeatedly tells the officers. “I’m so confused.”

The officers removed the illegals from Pelosi’s property and had them ticketed instead of being detained, per the House Speaker’s order.

One of the men accompanying Loomer told viewers, “I’m pretty sure the illegals, here; I’m pretty sure they feel like they’ve been set up.”

During her Livestream, Loomer read the names of the Americans killed by illegal immigrants (see some of their photos below).

She pointed that the murdered Americans were not welcome in “sanctuary state California,” even though it rolls out the red carpet for illegal aliens.

Pelosi apparently lives by a set of political double standards. She has repeatedly slammed President Donald Trump for his goal of funding a wall at the Southern border,. Pelosi called it an “immorality.” But she’s perfectly fine with securing her own property.

“The fact is, a wall is an immorality. It’s not who we are as a nation,” Pelosi told a crowd of reporters Thursday. “We are not doing a wall. Does anybody have any doubt? We are not doing a wall,” she added.

Actor James Woods replied to her statement in a tweet, asking, “Well, then, why do you have one?”

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Pelosi and her husband, Paul, own an estate and vineyard along the banks of the Napa River on Zinfandel Lane in Northern California.

According to reports, the estate was worth around $5 million in 2011, and brought in “at least $5,000 worth of grape sales from the vineyard, according to financial disclosure forms for 2010.” Nancy and Paul are estimated to be worth somewhere between $58.7 and $72.1 million.

Pelosi is not alone regarding such double standards, of course. A house owned by the Obamas is barricaded by a ten-foot tall wall, too.

The government is now in its third week of a partial shutdown amid an impasse in negotiations over the federal budget.

President Donald Trump has only asked for $5 billion to build 700 miles of wall along the 2000 mile US-Mexico border to stem the avalanche of illegal immigrants, illicit drugs, violent gangsters, and human smugglers.

The plan was created by the Border Patrol and also includes technology, roads, and increased border patrol agents.

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