2nd Grader’s School Essay Went Viral; ‘I Hate My Mom’s Phone’

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We all love our phone, but are we willing to put it down sometimes when it is important?

I work on my phone. Often, even while eating, it is hard to ignore e-mails and texts, as well as how my pieces are doing on the internet.

But this young child, and some classmates, just gave us adults a valuable lesson.

An elementary school teacher from Louisiana posted a homework assignment. It was from one of her students in her class that all wished that cell phones had never been invented.

The photo had been shared over 260,000 times before teacher Jen Beason turned her Facebook profile to private.

Class Assignment

For her second grade class, Beason asked her students to write a short answer for the question:

“Tell me about an invention that you don’t like. Why?

This is the response that was uploaded to Facebook. The student’s name isn’t printed, but it does indicate that the assignment was passed in on May 16th. The text is slightly edited because, well, it was written by a second grader.

“If I had to tell you, what invention I don’t like I would say that I don’t like the phone. I don’t like the phone because my [parents are] on their [phones] every day. A phone is sometimes a really bad [habit]. I hate my mom’s phone and I wish she never had one. That is [an] invention that I don’t like.”

Three more students in the class handed in similar assignments that said the students wished cell phones hadn’t been invented because of how it takes their parents away from them.

This particular response included a drawing of the student saying “I hate it” to a depiction of a cell phone.

Students Affected By Tech

In a 2017 study, almost half of parents admitted that technology, from dinging mobile phones to streaming media interrupted the interactions they had with their children at least three or more times every day.

Only 11% of parents said that they had “absolutely” no distractions by technology taking away from their kids.

A similar study looking at modern parents found the kids have learned to react to the presence of technology by throwing more tantrums in order to pull their parents attention back to them.

The studies can be viewed as building on a 2015 report from the American Psychological Association showing that “almost half” of all Americans were not able to imagine life without a smart phone.

Put Away Your Phone!

With 21 students in class and 4 of them writing their assignments on the mobile phones used by their parents: The post has even prompted discussions by other teachers in their own classes. One woman, Abbey Fauntleroy wrote:

“We had a class discussion about Facebook and every single one of the students said their parents spend more time on FB then they do talking to their child. It was very eye opening for me.”

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Other response on social media are sheepish admissions from parents saying that they too find themselves distracted by their phones while spending time with their kids.

“This is just…sad. So sad, but so very true! I catch myself doing the same thing when I have my son and then I look at him and realize that my time with him is more precious than whatever is staring at me on the phone screen.”

“Every time you say “just a sec” when you kid tries to talk to you, because you phone is more important….”

“Very sad! This is why kids turn to all sorts of mischief. If they don’t receive the attention and love they need and deserve they will find it elsewhere.”

So we adults have just been slapped. I know that it is hard, but we definitely need to put them phones down more often!

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