TRUMP: Government Could Remain Shutdown For Months, YEARS

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Chuck Schumer said today in a press conference that President Trump was holding firm and that he said the 25% government shutdown could last for years.

The President is adamant about congress funding border security and will  not sign a bill without it. He confirmed to reporters that he told congressional leaders that the ongoing partial government shutdown could go on for months or even years.

President Trump had sent a list of demands to Capitol Hill on Friday ahead of his White House meeting with lawmakers. He released publicly the letter sent to members of Congress outlining the reasons why he continues to seek a border wall.

“As the enclosed presentation makes clear, current funding levels, resources, and authorities are woefully inadequate to meet the scope of the problem,” Trump wrote. “We are no longer in a status quo situation at the Southern Border but in a crisis situation. Status quo funding is not enough.”

“Absolutely critical to border security and national security is a wall or a physical barrier that prevents entry in the first place,” Trump continued.

The NYT reports on the shutdown:

“We told the president we needed the government open,”

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, told reporters outside the White House. “He resisted. In fact, he said he’d keep the government closed for a very long period of time, months or even years.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, whose party just assumed control of the House on Thursday following the November midterm elections, said Democrats were also committed to securing the border but want government operations resumed while they negotiate that.

“We can do that best when government is open,” she said. “We’ve made that clear to the president.”

In a separate appearance afterward in the Rose Garden, Mr. Trump called the meeting “productive”. He said he had invited the congressional leaders to form a working group with his advisers to meet over the weekend to talk about border security needs. Trump made no mention of keeping the government closed for months or years . He focused on what he called the dangers unless a wall is built across the entire southern border.

“This is national security we’re talking about,”

Mr. Trump said, joined by Vice President Mike Pence, Kirstjen Nielsen, the Homeland Security secretary, and congressional Republican leaders.

“We’re not talking about games. We’re talking about national security. This should have been done by all the presidents who preceded me and they know it.”

What happens during a government shutdown?

The discretionary budget funds most federal departments. Those that provide essential services are not shut down. Essential services are those that include defense, national safety, and security. Many of these agencies are set up so they can operate for weeks without a funding bill. The Defense Department warned it wouldn’t pay military personnel during a shutdown.

Border Protection and Immigration, air traffic controls, and the Transportation Security Administration remain open. The Justice Department remains open. The Postal Service has a separate source of funds,.Mail continues to be delivered.

Here are the major departments that shut down.

Commerce, except National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Energy. Functions that oversee the safety of the nation’s nuclear arsenal, dams and transmission lines remain open.
Environmental Protection Agency.
Food and Drug Administration.
Health and Human Services.
Housing and Urban Development.
Interior, including National Parks. The Department of Interior announced on January 19, 2018, that parks would remain open despite a shutdown.
Internal Revenue Service, except those processing tax returns.
Labor, including Bureau of Labor Statistics.
National Institute of Health.
Smithsonian. The agency used prior funds to remain open January 22, 2018.


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