Woman Berates Flight Attendant For Calling Her ‘Miss’ Instead Of ‘Doctor’

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Siobhan O’Dwyer holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and got angry when a Quantas flight attendant welcomed her as ‘Miss’ instead of ‘Doctor’ on a recent flight.

O’Dwyer was so triggered that she decided to Tweet Quantas and complain, pointing out her 8 years of education.

“Hey @Qantas, my name is Dr O’Dwyer. My ticket says Dr O’Dwyer. Do not look at my ticket, look at me, look back at my ticket, decide it’s a typo, and call me Miss O’Dwyer. I did not spend 8 years at university to be called Miss.”

The debate heated up on Twitter when fellow academic Dr Mel Thomson said she didn’t study for years to “have ‘a trolley dolly’ decide what she gets called”, referring to flight attendants.

Woman Berates Flight Attendant For Calling Her 'Miss' Instead Of 'Doctor'

O’Dwyer tweeted after the story went viral that it would not have happened of she were a man. (Silly and untrue.)

Twitter went wild, telling O’Dwyer that she came off as being “petty,” “egocentric,” “entitled’, and “precious,”. Neither O’Dwyer nor anyone else on the plane could say that any flight attendant working the flight, did what she is alleged to have done as a form of disrespect or as a form of marginalization.

O’Dwyer totally ignored what was important, selfishly focusing on her own self esteem issues. In those few seconds where they glance at your boarding pass, smile, greet you and nod you through to board the plane, there’s a lot going through their minds that passengers don’t realize.

For starters, they’re checking your identity, ensuring you’re on the right flight and determining which part of the plane to guide you down. They’re also making sure you don’t appear drunk, and are generally fit to fly. Oh, and that you’re not trying to sneak everything but the kitchen sink on-board in you carry-on.

As noted by Qantas: “Becoming a cabin crew member can be a challenging experience. There’s so much new information to absorb and put to use in practical ways. It requires commitment, but that’s what makes us strong.”

The skills involved span across customer service, aviation first aid, aircraft and personal safety and emergency procedures.

What Miss O’Dwyer actually did was to reveal her insecurities. Had she had a doctorate in Psychology instead of Philosophy, she would have understood that!

My friend, Zach, said it best on Facebook:

“Actually having her degree on her plane ticket, which means it’s on her passport, is a sign of insecurity. She’s made an accomplishment an embarrassment. Remember when Miss Boxer insisted that an Army General call her Senator instead of ma’am? It’s petty behavior that reveals insecurities.”

Miss O’Dwyer! Shame on you! You marginalized that poor flight attendant who works very hard to ensure everyone’s safety. Your Doctorate could not come close to preparing you with the skills required to be a flight attendant.

I have been in sales, and taught sales, (and actually advised a foreign government on the sales process), for decades. It is a common understanding that brand new Doctors generally ask you to refer to them using “Doctor”. As a general rule, older Doctors do not do such. They have matured and gotten past the newness of the title, and frankly, outside of professional settings, could care less.

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Civil rights activists often use the term ‘Microaggression’ to describe the everyday exclusion and prejudice which women and minorities often face.

Dr O’Dwyer states she’s turning down all media requests for comment because “the online response has already been so vitriolic and any coverage will only incite further hatred.”

Whaaaaaa! Bologna. Her self esteem just cannot take the heat. Period. Surprised she has not deleted the tweet.


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