WATCH CNN’s Cooper Drunk ON-AIR: Rants About Mom’s Sex W/ Brando!

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Anderson Cooper spent New Years Eve taking Tequila shots on the air during his annual New York countdown show!

After a few shots, he decided to out his mother’s one night sex romp with the late Marlon Brando.

For those who are not aware, Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. The 94 year old is an American artist, author, actress, fashion designer, heiress, and socialite. She was the only child of railroad heir Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt.

WATCH CNN's Cooper Drunk ON-AIR: Rants About Mom's Sex Life With Brando!

Cooper made his first TV appearance at age 3 with Vanderbilt on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Even though Cooper and his mom are close, he says he won’t inherit any of the Vanderbilt fortune.

Cooper downed multiple shots of tequila during CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage. He was speaking with actress Faye Dunaway when he decided to interject his mom’s sex life.

Cooper was talking with Dunaway about famous men Ms. Vanderbilt worked with. He claimed that she “hooked up with” Marlon Brando.

“She and Carol Matthau both watched the movie and both made a deal they were going to ‘meet up,'” Cooper said. “Carol got it first and then set it up for my mom. It was a ‘one night date.'”


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After downing one particular round of shots, Cooper began making obnoxious sounds as he complained about the alcohol: “Ah! Gaw! Ah! Aw! It’s like burning your lungs! Aw!” Cooper said, along with awkward hissing sounds.

Cooper was downing his Tequila with special co-host, Andy Cohen

This marks the second year the Cooper-Cohen team has led CNN’s coverage of the Times Square ball drop since comedian Kathy Griffin was fired after the 2017 show. She had co-hosted the network’s New Year’s Eve show with Cooper for nine years before facing backlash over sharing an image of herself holding a fake severed head intended to represent President Donald Trump.

Did Cooper break any laws drinking on-air? It was at one time a big ‘no no’.

In case you were wondering, government, the FCC, does not govern the issue. A press officer at the Federal Communications Commission, the body in charge of decency and other rules for broadcasters, said FCC rules are silent on drinking on camera.

“Congress has not enacted any law prohibiting broadcast advertising of any kind of alcoholic beverage, and the FCC does not have a rule or policy regulating such advertisements,” she said, citing the agency’s website.

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Any rules come from TV networks.

It is commonly agreed that drinking on-air is acceptable as long as 90% of the audience is of legal drinking age. (Industry self-regulations allow beer, wine or liquor ads only on programs where at least 71.6% of the audience is 21 or older.)

Of course, doing something stupid, or acting a fool is a chance the on-air personality takes. Will this incident cause a stir? I imagine the biggest stir was probably a call from his mother the next morning telling him he is grounded.

I, myself, would never drink on the job..just sayin!

Cooper, 51, has been hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live since 2002 from New York City’s Times Square.


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