California Democrat Files For Trump Impeachment on Day One of Reclaiming House Majority

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A California Democratic congressman has used his party’s very first day in majority of the House of Representatives to file an impeachment resolution against President Donald J. Trump. Welcome to 2019: The year of revenge for the Democrat Party.

Rep. Brad Sherman told the LA Times; “there is no reason’ Congress shouldn’t consider impeachment and every day, Donald Trump shows that leaving the White House would be good for our country.” Is it the jobs, the wages, the growth, better trade deals, or less war that Sherman objects to?

Sherman claims Trump obstructed justice when he fired FBI Director James Comey, even though the Director serves at the pleasure of the President. The impeachment resolution accuses Trump of ‘threatening, and then terminating’ Comey because he knew the FBI was investigating then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and “conducting one or more investigations into Russian state interference in the 2016 campaign.”

Rep. Sherman introduced an identical bill in 2017. He must have a lot of cheese whiz in his district because I’m pretty sure the economy is good for everyone. But Sherman has been a fool for a very long time. Watch him attack his opponent physically at a debate I was at:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the ‘TODAY’ show she doesn’t want to see an impeachment “for political reasons,” but she will call a vote if it’s justified. Does anyone on the planet believe this is not “for political reasons”? The Democrats are vindictive and partisan in their hatred of the President. They have the House based on very suspicious practices in California that turned a Republican districts completely Democrat. They don’t have a mandate, they don’t even have common sense.

Honestly, this might be the best thing to happen to conservatives in a while because if in fact, Democrats spend the next two years in a money and time-wasting, futile effort to impeach Trump, it will all but ensure Trump’s re-election and maybe even sweep in some more Representatives who are on the people’s side. The Senate will never vote to convict of impeachment and Democrats know it – two-thirds of the Senate would need to vote to convict him. Ain’t gonna happen. Maybe Mitt will continue to be a turncoat, but they would need a dozen more Republicans at least.

The new Congress has the largest number of “progressive” (I chuckle whenever I hear that) lawmakers in a long time and the spoiled brats will not be with Trump, who is standing firm on his funding for a wall. Not one of them will say why they all have walls around their own property though.

In the case of a long-shot where RINO Republicans join with Democrats to take down President Trump, ‘We the People’ whom elected him will turn this country upside down and descend upon Washington with pitch forks. Nancy Pelosi was a joke the first time as Speaker and has never shown respect to Trump. Step up to the plate and remember our government is not your personal playpen Democrats. We want safety! America First!

Democrats that don’t like democracy. Remind these traitors, the 2016 election is settled — Trump won. If you don’t like it, run a better candidate in 2020 – there’s a challenge for you. Pocahontas? Bernie? Please…

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