Network Pulls Yogurt Commercial After Complaints of Risqué Adult Imagery in Ad [VIDEO]

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A French yogurt commercial was abruptly pulled from Network television spots after hundreds of thousands of complaints which overwhelmed local stations. The problem? A little too much… French.

In most of Europe, adult imagery – even straight-up nudity is not only tolerated on television, but almost common. But in places like the United States, these spots have to be heavily edited in order to meet standards and practices of the broadcasting industry.

Somehow, this commercial got by the keen eye of censors and was, albeit shortly, on the air long enough for soccer moms, senior citizens, religious organizations and concerned parents to throw a collective hissy fit at what was coming into their homes.

There’s a whole lot more to producing a commercial than just filming it. An editor has to work it over, taking great care to make sure everything is just right. They see the footage over and over and over again, always looking closely for the slightest problem. But as you’ll see as you scroll down and watch – there is clearly plenty NOT left to the imagination.

For this commercial, [BELOW] everything seemed pretty routine: A yoga-like moving body on a peaceful hillside, but then – it gets steamy very quickly. We’re told that the spot was to be edited for North America by adding bits of mist to hide the french woman’s .. uh, shame – but there was something, frankly, a little Girls Gone Wild you’ll clearly be able to see.

If you don’t watch closely, maybe you will miss it – but it’s doubtful. Frontal nudity is a controversial topic, and some people believe we’re too puritanical in the United States and some obviously think differently. In this case, the prudes won out, because the only place you’ll see this now is right here.

Scroll down for uncut commercial video:

Imagine the looks on grandma’s face when she’s watching her soap opera and blam! – this pops out on her screen without warning?  The people at the company that commissioned the ad were so embarrassed, they refused comment for this article.

We’ve posted the video below. Remember, you have to pay very, very close attention. Watch very carefully.  Of course many think the whole idea is silly and view the matter with disdain for people who think the female form is dirty or shameful. Then there are those who won’t be convinced that viewing certain images won’t mean the end of civilized society.

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Yoga Yogurt, is a commercial introduced in early 2005 by a German drink company called k-fee. As something very peaceful is happening on the advertisement, a zombie or a gargoyle would pop out of the screen, scream very loudly and frighteningly, and possibly scare the viewer. In the end, it shows the companies brand, and the products logo.

It’s BEYOND me that people take these things seriously. We actually get emails saying we’re reporting false news! It’s a joke, duh. Jokes can’t be true or false because they’re FRIKIN JOKES you dummies!

The video was one of the first screamer’s to be uploaded on the internet. The commercial was uploaded in July of 2005, also being the first screamer uploaded to YouTube, and one of the first video’s put on YouTube.

In late summer 2017, several unreliable web sites published identical reports alleging that the makers of a car commercial reluctantly decided never to air the ad because of a “ghostly” apparition the crew accidentally captured on film:

Advertising companies can come up with a lot of brilliant ways to sell their products. And because of this, commercials have become part of our culture, so much so that they’ve become an event in and of themselves at least once a year. But while there are a lot of things that help sell products, creepy ghost-like figures aren’t among them.

But our readers know better – ya’ll like a good scare or laugh once in a while don’t you? In short, it’s a prank.

The slogan and basic concept were used in a series of award-winning TV, Internet, and radio spots produced by the Hamburg marketing firm Jung von Matt for K-fee in 2004. All featured the same “screamer” or “jump scare” ending.

Sure they might give some old coot a heart attack, but in the meantime, we just keep rockin’ and rollin’, babee. So to all the dopes with no sense of sensibility, watch it again and go poop yourself!

Personally, I peed my pants a little and the dog jumped out the window.

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