Don’t You Dare Tell Me This Is Not A Life Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood jumps over hoops to try to deny that an unborn baby is not a life, but each one is actually a potential future grandparent!

That baby is a life! It represents a full life! Not only is it alive, it has a full life in front of it!

Each unborn child that is killed would someday be a son or daughter, mom or dad, aunt or uncle. They would someday be an astronaut, firefighter, or President!

Don't You Dare Tell Me This Is Not A Life Planned Parenthood

I was born in 1968 before Roe Vs Wade. I was an unwanted pregnancy but I was adopted.

Had I been aborted, it would not have just been an unwanted fetus.

A 50 year life as a good friend to people in all 50 states.

A son, grandson, brother, cousin, nephew and most important, the best uncle in the world to three precious little girls…would have been aborted.

READ AND WATCH: The VIDEO Planned Parenthood Does Not Want ANYONE To See!

NO ONE had the right to take that away from me. Not my biological father, and definitely not the woman who gave birth to me.

No, they did not have that right to end my life!! Planned Parenthood did not have the right!
I have the right to do anything I want with my right hand. Snap my finger, lead singing at church. I can shove food in my mouth!

But my right to what I can do with that right hand, which is my body, stops the moment my right hand socks someone in the face. At that point I don’t have the right to choose what I do with my body anymore because it steps on someone else’s rights!

A woman can do anything she wants with her body…until… what she does interferes with another life. An an unborn fetus is more than that. It represents, like me, a full life!

Is a woman free to use here eyes to look at child porn? NO? Why not? It impacts other’s lives.

Is a woman free to use her hand to use her hand to start a fire in someone’s home? NO! Why not? Because it impacts the lives of others!

My LIFE began about 9 months before December 1968.

The left will take the origin of man back to an amoeba, but won’t take the origin of my life back to conception. What is wrong with that picture?

Don’t tell me that my fetus was not the start of my life. And I dare you to say these pictures are not a life Planned Parenthood!

It is time to Defund Planned Parenthood!

Put the pressure on folks! Spread the pictures and do not miss this video. Image-maker Alexander Tsiaras shares a powerful medical visualization, showing human development from conception to birth and beyond. Watch and Share!


Over the lyear, we have seen rainbow profiles, confederate flags, and all other kinds of profile pictures on FB and Twitter promoting a cause!

Use a picture that makes a difference! The more that see these…the more move in the right direction in the fight to preserve the life of the unborn!

Where’s your heart Planned Parenthood? The unborn life is creating one at 25 days!


Don't You Dare Tell Me This Is Not A Life Planned Parenthood


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