Joe ‘The Plumber’ Tells Special Report w/ Bret Baier Why He’s Done With Politics [VIDEO]

Solution for saving kids lives now a priority

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For the past ten years, Samuel “Joe the Plumber Wurlzelbacher has been a staple in American politics – a lot of times seeming to be everywhere at once. However, on an edition of Fox chief political anchor Bret Baier’s “Special Report” this past Friday (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO), Wurzelbacher announced a 180-degree bombshell. Some background:

Whether it’s headlining huge rallies, appearing on CNN, Fox Business Channel, NewsMaxTV, or endorsing candidates in viral videos and interviews on social media; the unlikely blue-collar, family-man turned political dynamo has been all over every medium – ever since his chance meeting with Barack Obama over a decade ago.

Our own Samuel Wurzelbacher, ‘Joe the Plumber’, has announced that he has accepting the job of “vice president for public relations” for the Liberty Alliance news conglomerate.

It was then presidential candidate Barack Obama who confronted Joe in his front yard in Toledo, Ohio. The man who would become president then let those infamous words slip out; “I want to spread some of the wealth around,” and Joe ‘The Plumber’ rocketed into the American Political zeitgeist.

Ten years and a million miles later, Bret Baier and “Special Report” on Fox News came calling to recount the crazy, hair-pin turn the meeting with Obama sent Wurzelbacher on, but correspondent Matt Finn was in for somewhat of a surprise:

After ten years of steady activism, speaking tours, candidate support and other political work, Wurzelbacher took ‘Special Report’ off course by announcing he’d turned his focus completely away from politics – and into the advocacy and industry of school classroom security.


‘Special Report’ was in Ohio putting together a retrospective of what happened in the past ten years since Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher first shot into the national spotlight.


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Wurzelbacher has invested in and is a full-time spokesman for; “SwiftShield,” a company out of Colorado involved in the design and manufacturing of commercial and residential building security systems. Due to the rash of mass-shootings, the firm is laser-focused on schools across the country and have developed an innovative, quick and cost-effective way to lockdown classrooms in seconds, in the event of an active-shooter or similar threat.

“I believe there are a lot of great Americans out there, we just need to turn down the rhetoric, so we can hear them;” remarked Wurzelbacher, the longtime conservative activist now-turned school safety and security champion.

“There’s only a couple months left of summer before kids, teachers and other school staff are returning to classrooms. While politicians, school district authorities and law enforcement work-out long-term resolutions – there needs to be direct action right now and that’s what I’m interested in – without the politics. These are everyone’s children.”

Want to be involved or get your school or business interested? Please email HERE:

“FOX News asked me to describe in one word, my thoughts about being ‘Joe The  Plumber’ for the past 10 years and the experience definitely tested my metal. Thanks to my Mom and Dad and the values they gave me, I was able to do what was right even when it would have been easy not to;” said Wurzelbacher, referring to the vast number of easy-money opportunities he turned down due to his instant fame. “My answer was simply; ‘educational.’”

About SwiftShield
SwiftShield is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective option to keeping students, teachers and other staff safe during lockdown and emergency situations. SwiftShield deploys in seconds, by anyone and requires no special training. When in use, SwiftShield can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure and resists bullets fired from even military-style weapons and shotguns – preventing the need for someone to hold it shut or use ineffective barricades such as classroom furniture to prevent entry.

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The SwiftShield “Shield Our Schools” S.O.S. initiative guides concerned teachers, students, administrators and communities on how to actively get the word out about how businesses, charities, crowdfunding and other corporate sponsorship – both local and national – can help provide the funds needed to have these life-saving devices installed in vulnerable classrooms across the nation.  For more information, visit: ShieldOurSchools 

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