Joe ‘The Plumber’ Ten Years Later: Modern Solutions for Modern-Day Problems

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I’m Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher and I’m on a brand new mission. A cause that is consuming myself and my family for what I believe there is no greater good: Protecting children. Not just talking about it, but actually doing it.

This is a 180 degree new chapter in my story – which is crazy, trust me – but it’s all true. It happened and I know it did because it happened to me. Some background for you:

Seems like yesterday I was throwing the football in the front yard with my son Joey (who’s married and serving in the military now – can that be?) and up walks a throng of reporters, cameramen, people pulling cables and trucks with satellites… Then I see him: Barack Obama – then candidate for President Barack Obama.

… I guess I couldn’t help myself – I swear to you I wasn’t thinking about it, he passed me and I just yelled to him; “why do you want to raise my taxes?”

To my amazement, the guy turns around to maybe confront me or get himself on camera slamming an everyday guy on economics… but I’m pretty sure if he knew how bad he was going to slip up, he’d a kept on walking and if I knew what was going to happen to me, I probably would have hiked the ball to Joey and gone long – all the way into the garage.

But what happened next is truly a once in a lifetime occurrence and although it was ten years ago, people still know who I am – complete strangers – and I’ll be honest with you, it freaks me out a little. I never wanted to be a politician or celebrity or whatever you want to call it and believe me I never got used to it.

The reluctant Joe The Plumber was born – but on the other hand, how could I let such a fantastic opportunity just go by? The short answer is: I couldn’t.

It was Providence – I truly believe that – and even though people threatened me, illegally went through my IRS records, betrayed me and my family, called me names that would make Samantha Bee blush, etc – it was worth it.

But after ten years I’m still the same person but with a new cause, friends and it’s nothing to do with politics. Zip. Zippo, nada – let’s get that straight.


This is about kids. I have four of them and a wife who was sent from God directly to me, so enough about Joe the Plumber… but if you want to keep calling me that – go for it – I’m okay.

I’m deeply involved in a project and company I know you all can relate to – especially anyone with kids or grandkids: Our nation’s children are literally under siege with these horrific school mass-shootings taking place more and more on what seems to be a regular basis.

It’s like Breaking News we’re all supposed to get used to. Well, I’m not.

Then after they occur, one after another – people talk and rightly get upset and scream about this or that – cast blame, hurl insults, talk some more but what changes? Nothing. Twenty years after Columbine and we turn on the TV and school kids are still being murdered – it’s insane.

Friends, this is my cause and I cannot emphasize enough that politics has not a single thing to do with my motivations or actions. I just want to protect kids and assure parents peace of mind when their children are out of their direct supervision. Myself and anyone else should expect that our kids are safe at school and not accept the current environment that has been created.

Attacks such as the recent ones in Florida, Illinois and Texas are constant reminders that we MUST do more to protect our little ones. I’m not pointing the finger of blame or criticizing any efforts by anyone or any group who has the same mission. I only want to tell you of a different approach: One that works and works right now.

Something not just incredibly effective, but which won’t affect already cash-strapped school and school district budgets.

It’s called “SwiftShield”. A classroom door barricade system which saves lives and assures peace of mind. I’ll tell you more, but I want you to know what got me out of politics and involved in this movement:

One of the most heinous school attacks ever witnessed in Texas occurred Friday, May 18th when nine students and a teacher were killed in a mass-shooting at Santa Fe High school near Galveston. Ten others were also wounded by a 17-year-old male, who was a current student at Santa Fe High. ‘SwiftShield’ could and would have saved most of those kid’s lives.

What drew my attention was the story of maybe the most heroic young man I’ve ever read about.

His name is Christian Garcia, a 15-year-old student, who died while holding a door shut so that he could protect other students. He lost his life when a gunshot came through the door, but in doing so – he bought other students a few precious seconds, time enough so they could escape.

As honorable and heroic as Christian was, I believe no child should ever be put in that situation – to have to make that brave choice and this is why I’m on this mission to get a SwiftSheild door barricade device into every classroom. SO:

SwiftShield devices for the ENTIRE Santa Fe ISD – every school, every classroom, every door – have been donated by a corporate sponsor through our Shield Our Schools or ‘S.O.S’ Initiative. Through this donation, Santa Fe ISD will need to outlay absolutely no cost for these life saving devices. The parents and students of the Santa Fe High School District moving forward can have peace of mind that faster, safer and more secure classroom lock downs can occur in the future. This is genius.

We’re not even having a conversation about school budgets or having to make a choice between giving underpaid teachers a raise or protecting vulnerable kids by “hardening” classrooms or spending millions of dollars turning our schools into Police States. No one wants that.

The ‘Shield Our Schools’ initiative is unique in that ‘SwiftShield’ – the company spearheading the program – is partnering with several of its large corporate sponsors and others to outfit schools all over the country with their line of devices which easily and effectively lock-down classrooms in the event of another one of these attacks.

Everyone wins because the entire design, product and system installation doesn’t cost the school or district a penny – it’s all handled by sponsors and donors who are ready and willing right now to get involved to help our students be safe during these threats. We only need to get the word out, have the schools and or districts make an application for sponsorship and find more businesses and corporate partners. They are out there in droves – everyone wants to help, we just need to get the information to them.

You and I both know in our hearts that it’s no longer a matter of “if” but a matter of “when” and this seems to me to be practically a no-brainer. I’ve studied this line of products and know this company through and through – I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t believe I’d be involved with it the rest of my life.

And I will be. I want you to help, I’m not going to be shy about it. Here’s what I’m asking you for: Get this information via email, social media, bullhorn, whatever – to all your student’s parents, their friends’ parents, business owners, community clubs, social organizations, Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, etc. and make them aware.

Get this to everyone you know – and encourage them to do the same, then get involved yourself. This is happening in schools right now as we speak and I urge you to visit this link to learn more and pass this along immediately and follow up – let’s make kids safe right now.

Here’s to the next ten years and beyond. Let’s rock ‘n roll.


SwiftShield is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective option to keep students, teachers and other staff safe during lockdown and emergency situations. SwiftShield deploys in seconds, by anyone and requires no special training. When in use, SwiftSheild can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure and resists bullets fired from even military-style weapons and shotguns – preventing the need for someone to hold it shut or use ineffective barricades such as classroom furniture to prevent entry.

If you, your business or organization are interested in joining our S.O.S. campaign to sponsor a school or district use this link to learn more.

Send an email if you think your school would be a good candidate email swiftshield



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